BSc Engineering - Specialisation - Electrical Engineering

The results of the BSc Engineering degree was released by the Board of Examiners on 30thMay 2002 subject to confirmation by the University Senate. Those in the Electrical Engineering Specialisation are reproduced below.
[Note: This is not the official list]

Admission No. Name Overall Result
0196/ED/GI/ Arachchige L N W (Miss)First Class
0296/ED/GI/ Balamuralii BFirst Class
0396/ED/GI/ Dissanayake D M P AFirst Class
0496/ED/GI/ Kaluarachchi A IFirst Class
0596/ED/GI/ Karawita K W D C NFirst Class
0696/ED/GI/ Kothalawala K K L SFirst Class
0796/ED/GI/ Kumara M K S CFirst Class
0896/ED/GI/ Nareshkumar KFirst Class
0996/ED/GI/ Perera K A S NFirst Class
1096/ED/GI/ Priyadarshana B M A TFirst Class
1196/ED/GI/ Senaratne R SFirst Class
1296/ED/GI/ Siriwardena K K WFirst Class
1396/ED/GI/ Varatharajah K (Miss)First Class
1496/ED/GI/ Abeygunawardhana P K WSecond Class Upper Division
1596/ED/GI/ Aravinthan ASecond Class Upper Division
1696/ED/GI/ Aravinthan VSecond Class Upper Division
1796/ED/GI/ Dayaratne D G N (Miss)Second Class Upper Division
1896/ED/GI/ Jayadarshana B K A VSecond Class Upper Division
1996/ED/GI/ Jayakody J CSecond Class Upper Division
2096/ED/GI/ Jayawickrama S SSecond Class Upper Division
2196/ED/GI/ Kumarathasan VSecond Class Upper Division
2296/ED/GI/ Magalla D DSecond Class Upper Division
2396/ED/GI/ Premaruban ESecond Class Upper Division
2496/ED/GI/ Pushpakumara S K SSecond Class Upper Division
2596/ED/GI/ Rajakaruna K I A PSecond Class Upper Division
2696/ED/GI/ Vitharana R U H (Miss)Second Class Upper Division
2796/ED/GI/ Wickramasinghe G TSecond Class Upper Division
2896/ED/GI/ Abeykoon A M H SSecond Class Lower Division
2996/ED/GI/ Abeysundara D CSecond Class Lower Division
3096/ED/GI/ Bulathgama S TSecond Class Lower Division
3196/ED/GI/ Dayananda P R DSecond Class Lower Division
3296/ED/GI/ Fernando B N RSecond Class Lower Division
3396/ED/GI/ Fernando U A RSecond Class Lower Division
3496/ED/GI/ Gunatillaka M D P RSecond Class Lower Division
3596/ED/GI/ Maldeniya R TSecond Class Lower Division
3696/ED/GI/ Perera T G L LSecond Class Lower Division
3796/ED/GI/ Ramanathapillai JSecond Class Lower Division
3896/ED/GI/ Weerakoon CSecond Class Lower Division
3996/ED/GI/ Weerapperuma D G D S NSecond Class Lower Division
4096/ED/GI/ Weeraratna I M (Miss)Second Class Lower Division
4196/ED/GI/ Wijerathna B D S P (Miss)Second Class Lower Division
4296/ED/GI/ Wijesinghe R M D SSecond Class Lower Division
4396/ED/GI/ Dhanapala V MPass
4496/ED/GI/ Divitotawela A CPass
4596/ED/GI/ Jayawardana P S KPass
4696/ED/GI/ Perera H EPass
4796/ED/GI/ Warnakulasuriya K MPass