A Survey to Collect Views on the Research Culture in the
Sri Lankan Universities



In order to cultivate a good research culture in a developing country where one finds very few large-scale industries who can initiate and finance research projects, the alternative place to start focusing is the university system. The universities then should work hand-in-hand with the industries. Yet, why is Sri Lanka far behind its Asian counterparts amidst the fact that Sri Lanka has spent 50 years as a free country? Is it really the funds or some other reason that slows down this process? Are there any hurdles in the university system for this growth? Therefore, please try to answer keeping in mind that we focus on research in the universities at the moment. Your contribution may make a huge impact on the path Sri Lanka will take in the future, assuming the authorities pay due attention to the results of this survey. Please spend few minutes to make your contribution.

Thank you very much in advance,

Thrishantha Nanayakkara, PhD
Industrial Automation Research Center
University of Moratuwa