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Old News and Announcements - January to December 1999

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    December 1999

    Millenium Year   Date: 31/12/1999

    Let me wish all my readers,
    A Very Happy & Prosperous Millenium Year.

  1. First to Cross the Millenium Date: 31/12/1999
    I am glad to report that we were the first to cross the Millenium today (31st December 1999). The News page crossed the Millenium (of visits) at 1305 hrs Sri Lanka Time (0705 hrs GMT). We thus crossed the Millenium even before Pitt Island in New Zealand crossed theirs today.

  2. An Interview on Y2K Compliance for Mid-Night Revelry (Partying) Date: 31/12/1999
    At an Interview at Lanka Transformers Limited this morning (31st December) both the Design Engineer and the Factory Manager assured me that their transformers (although very modern and has a single foil as one of their windings) are fully Y2K compliant. [The product has no date keeping function and Year 2000 compliance is not applicable]
    They said that they have even checked the transformer oil for Y2K compliance and has found that even the oil flow is not micro-processor controlled.
    They also assured me that their transformers (90% of the distribution transformers in Sri Lanka) will not fail on 31st December night during your revelry (merry making) due to the time bomb.
    So enjoy your night.

  3. Vision & Mission of the University Date: 30/12/1999
    The following Vision and Mission statements have been proposed for the University of Moratuwa. These have been arrived at during deliberations for determining the Corporate Plan for the University for the period 2000-2005.

    Vision Statement
    The Vision of the University of Moratuwa is to be a centre of excellence of higher learning, research and related activities with emphasis on national relevance, international recognition, innovation and creativity in engineering, architecture and other professional disciplines.

    Mission Statement
    The Mission of the University of Moratuwa is to be an internationally recognised centre of excellence in higher learning, research, consultancy and other professional activities in Engineering, Architecture and allied professional fields by creating an environment conducive to nuturing the inquiring mind and developing skills for a diversity of challenges, and thus to be a leader in contributing to sustainable scientific, technological, social and economic development of Sri Lanka.

  4. Dr Sarath Perera's proposed visit to the University Date: 29/12/1999
    Dr Sarath Perera, Power Quality Centre, University of Wollongong will be visiting the University of Moratuwa for almost one month from 10th January 2000. He will be assisting us in conducting a course on Power Quality for the Postgraduate Course in Electrical Engineering.

  5. Shantha Ranatunga visits the University Date: 28/12/1999
    Shantha Ranatunga who is presently in Auckland on Postgraduate study leave, visited the University on his way to the IEEE Power Engineering Society Winter Meeting held in Singapore from 23rd January 2000.
    He has lost his luggage while coming to Sri Lanka from New Zealand. Will any one who has snicked it please return it promptly.
    We are glad to report that the thief has now returned it via the Airline.

  6. Public Holidays for Sri Lanka for 2000 Date: 27/12/99
    Public Holidays for Sri Lanka for 2000 has been released by the Ministry of Public Administration, Home Affairs and Plantation Industries, and has been reproduced here for your convenience.

  7. International Conference on "Power Transformers"
    Date: 27/12/1999
    The Abstract of the paper on Software Guided Safe Loading of Transformers by K.B.M.I. Perera and J.R. Lucas has been accepted for presentation at the International Conference on "Power Transformers" to be held on 6-7 April 2000 in New Delhi, India.

  8. National Science Foundation - Research Grant
    Dr Priyantha Wijayatunga (Electrical Engineering) and Dr Rahula Attalage (Mechanical Engineering) of the University of Moratuwa have been awarded a research grant valued at Rs 729,500 for 1999/2000 for their project on Estimation of daylight in Colombo and energy saving potential through the use of natural daylight in building design. .

  9. University of Moratuwa - SRC Grant
    Dr Aruna Ranaweera has been awarded a grant to undertake the project titled Development of a low cost two rate electronic energy meter. He will be assisted by Mr D S Wickramanayake.

  10. Electrical Engineering Guest Book
    A Guest Book has been launched in readiness for the Y2K .
    Please send a message/comments to be included in the book. [If you have not already done so and received an acknowlegement]. The form has been updated and should work without any problem.

  11. Donation of a Protection Relay Simulator Date: 20/12/1999
    A Power System Distance Protection Relay Simulator was donated to the Department of Electrical Engineering of the University of Moratuwa by Messrs Samuel, Sons & Company Limited on behalf of their principals ABB Generation Sweden, today, 20th December 1999 at 1130 hrs.
    The donation has been made with respect to a request made by Mr LAS Fernando Deputy General Manager (Generation Project), Ceylon Electricity Board to Messrs ABB Sweden soon after the completion of the rehabilitation of the Laxapana Generators. The rehabilitation was undertaken by Messrs Samuel, Sons & Company and their principals ABB Generation Sweden.
    The relay simulator is most upto date and is worth almost Rs two million (over US $ 25,000). It is intended to use this equipment to teach both undergraduate as well as postgraduate students in the application of numerical protection.
    A similar piece of equipment has already been handed over to the University of Peradeniya on respect of this same request.

  12. Location of EE News
    Please note that he location of the Announcements and news has been changed. Please use the URL: to access the news in the future. News will automatically appear in frame 2. If you use the old location you will normally be automatically transferred to the new site if your browser supports this option.

  13. Ordinance for the Institute to conduct the NDT
    The Interim Board for NDT Matters has submitted the final draft of the Ordinance for the proposed Institute, in the form of guidelines, to the University. It is expected to be submitted to the University Senate early in the new year.

  14. Fifth ERU Symposium Date: 17/12/99
    The 5th ERU Symposium on Research for Industry was held on Thursday 16th December 1999 at the University of Moratuwa. Professor K K Y W Perera, Director Project Implementation Unit of the ADB, Ministry of Science and Technology was the chief guest. 31 papers were presented in three parallel sessions.

  15. Re-Commencement of Remaining Academic Activities
    It has been decided to schedule the BSc Engineering Part II Examination commencing 4th January 2000 and the NDT Second Year Examination commencing 5th January 2000.
    Lectures for the BSc Engineering Part III Examination is also scheduled to commence on 4th January 2000 The academic activities not already commenced or scheduled will commence 10th January 2000 `

  16. Lack of Interest in News Page!!
    The News page may not be posted regularly in the future if I do not get any feedback either in the message/comments at the top above the box, or by separate email. Lack of Interest on your part could also lead to a lack of interest on my part.

  17. Sisira Kankanam Gamage visits the University
    Mr Sisira Kankanam Gamage, who is completing his PhD in the US, is here on vacation for one month. He will be leaving for USA on 18th January 2000.

  18. Major changes to EE Homepage
    The format EE Home page has been completely modified to make it much more user friendly. A Guest Book will be added shortly. Please submit a message if you have not already done so.
    The News page will automatically open in the second window. So in the future you should put a tag only to the EE Homepage and not to the EE News page.

    November 1999

  1. EFAC '69 Batch Get-together Date: 29/11/99
    The 30th Anniversary EFAC '69 Batch Get-together was held at Palm Village Hotel at Uswatakeyawa on Sunday 28th November 1999. A crowd of about 60 participated in the outing with over
    35 batchmates. Among those present was Professor Rohan Lucas who graduated on 1 September 1969 from the University of Ceylon, Peradeniya.

  2. Name Server fault
    The Name server at the University was down the last two days due to a long power failure causing even the UPS to drain. Part of the problem seems to have been corrected. However there are still some problems with mail.

  3. IEE Corporate Membership
    Professor Mrs Indra Dayawansa has been transferred to the Grade of Fellow of the Institution of Electrical Engineers recently.
    Dr Priyantha Wijayatunga has been elected to the Grade of Member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers recently.

  4. Successful PhD Defence - Jahan Peiris Date: 24/11/99
    Jahan Peiris has, I understand, successfully defended his PhD thesis at the University of Auckland, New Zealand on Wednesday 24th November 1999 (today) on the topic Application of fuzzy logic control techniques for power system stability enhancement .
    He is supervised by Dr Udaya Annakage and Dr Nalin Pahalawatte , both former students/staff of the Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Moratuwa.
    He is due to return to Sri Lanka on 7th December 1999.

  5. Lakdhanavi Power Plant - Second Anniversary of First BOO Power Plant in Sri Lanka Date: 20/11/99
    Lakdhanavi Power Plant celebrates its Second Anniversary of commencing operations today (20th November 1999). Lakdhanavi Pvt Ltd is a subsidiary of Lanka Transformers Limited and is the First Build Operate an Own (BOO) Thermal Power Plant in Sri Lanka. It has a plant capacity of 24 MW and has had a 99.4% reliability during its two years of existence. Further, the its availability has been 96% with a load factor of 95% over this period.
    The Department of Electrical Engineering is proud to have produced, not only its Chairman, Mr. U. D. Jayawardena, but over half of its engineering staff. We are also very proud to state that even the remaining engineers in this power plant are products of the University of Moratuwa.

  6. M Eng/PG Diploma Students and Staff Get-together Date: 19/11/99
    The M Eng/PG Diploma students in Electrical Engineering who completed their examinations in mid-November have arranged a get-together with the Staff at the Sir John Kotalawela Defence Academy on 20th November 1999.

January to October 1999

  1. Setting up the Institute for NDT Matters - Progress
    The Interim Board for NDT Matters and the 4 committees appointed by it have made good progress in the setting up the Institute. They have had regular meetings and are in the process of identifying the resources required for the setting up of the Institute to conduct the NDT course early next year.
    Draft guidelines for preparation of the Ordinance of the Institute is being prepared and is in its final stages.

  2. Hostel Accomodation
    The University has decided to accomodate all female students, who were in the hostels prior to the recent closure, in the Hostels B & C within the University Premises in the near future.

  3. Interim Board for NDT Matters set up
    The Interim Board for NDT Matters was set up at the end of September 1999 and had its Inaugural meeting on 5th October. At this meeting 4 committees were constituted.
    Ordinance Committee
    Interim Administration Committee
    Staff Mobilisation and Cadre Committee
    Resources Committee

  4. Wedding of Lalanika & Priyantha
    Dr Priyantha Wijayatunga, Senior Lecturer in Electrical Engineering married Lalanika Herath on Monday 15th November 1999 in the presence of a large gathering of well wishers at Trans Asia Hotel, Colombo.

  5. Re-opening on Staggered basis
    The University re-opened for the final year students of the Architecture Faculty on Tuesday 9th November and will be recommenced the Master's programmes from Friday 12th November.
    It has also been decided to reopen for the remaining students in the Architecture Faculty on Tuesday 16th November. Since the BSc Eng Final Part II students have only two weeks remaining in their academic year, they too will start on the 16th November.
    The NDT First Year Examination which was interrupted will recommence on 23rd November and the BSc Eng Final Part I Examination will now commence on 29th November.
    Dates for recommencement of the remaining courses has not been decided on yet.

  6. IEE Asia Region Board Meeting, August 1999
    The Asia Region Board Meeting of the Institute of Electrical Engineers was held in Shanghai, China in August 1999.
    Prof. Souguil Ann of Korea was elected as the New Chairman, Mr. Radzi Mansor of Malaysia the Honorary Secretary and Mr K.A.Gupta of India as the Honorary Treasurer.
    Professor Rohan Lucas from the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka was appointed as the Centre Nominated Representative (CNR) in the Asia Region Board for the next 2 year period.

  7. Energy Audit Training Course
    Dr Aruna Ranaweera has been selected to follow the Energy Audit Training Course conducted by the Sri Lanka Energy Managers Association (SLEMA) from November 22 to December 8, 1999 in Kandy.

  8. University Closure
    The University was closed again on Wednesday 3rd November 1999 due to a student clash which also resulted in damage to the Sumanadasa Building.

  9. Obtains Membership of IEE
    Dr Sumedha Rajakaruna became a Chartered Electrical Engineer recently after getting a transfer to the grade of Member in the Institution of Electrical Engineers,UK.

  10. 55th Annual Session of the SLAAS
    The 55th Annual Session of the Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science will be held at the Open University of Sri Lanka from 29th November to 3rd December 1999.

  11. Resumption of Duties
    Dr Piyantha Wijayatunga resumed duties in the department on 1 November 1999 after attending the Programme on Energy, Environmental resources and sustainability (Phase II) held in New Delhi, WInnipeg, Ottawa and Washington DC.

  12. General Convocation
    The Convocation to Award Engineering degrees was held on 2 November 1999 at the BMICH, Colombo.
    The First PhD in the Engineering Faculty of the University of Moratuwa was awarded to Mrs Chintha Jayasinghe at this convocation. 16 Master's degrees and 366 Bachachelor's degrees were also awarded at this Ceremony. Among these were 50 graduands in the Electrical Engineering Specialisation.
    The Convocation Address was delivered by Dr. A.N.S. Kulasinghe on the topic of Some contributions to Engineering Research and Developments, and Dr Arthur C Clarke delivered the Chancellor's address.

  13. Appointment of New Members to the UGC
    The University Grant Commission has been reconstituted recently. Professor Tilakaratne has been reappointed as the Chairman and Professor Jiffry has been appointed as the Vice Chairman of the Commission. Professor Lakshman Jayatilake Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Peradeniya has been appointed as one of the members of the Commission.

  14. Academic Anniversaries
    Professor J Rohan Lucas has completed 30 years of teaching having graduated on 1 September 1969. He is also completing 25 years after obtaining his PhD at the Convocation held in Manchester, UK in December 1974.

    Dr M Prinath Dias has completed 25 years in the University of Moratuwa having joined the staff in September 1974.

  15. Manamperi Award
    The final year Electrical Engineering undergraduate project Design of an instrument to detect the red weevil in the coconut palm tree was adjudged the best Engineering Student Project for the Manamperi Award by the Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science for the Year 1999. The members of the project group are C W S Goonetilleke, W D M Prasanna, T K J Sandagomi and I K Weerasekera. The Project was supervised by Dr Nishantha Nanayakkara.

    The second place also went to an Electrical Engineering undergraduate project from the University of Moratuwa. This was for the Design and Implementation of a Lightning Protection Device for Low Voltage Systems by A K P Viraj, D S Wickramanayake, J H P U K Jayalath and Ms K Wijesiriwardane and supervised by Prof Rohan Lucas, Dr Aruna Ranaweera and Dr Nalin Wickramarachchi .

  16. IEE Chairman's Lecture
    Mr D G D C Wijeratne Chairman, IEE Sri Lanka Centre who has been recently appointed as Manager, Power Sector Reforms, Ministry of Irrigation & Power, delivered the first talk for the session 1999/2000 on the topic Power Sector Regulation. A gathering of over 70 comprising of invitees, IEE members and media personnel appreciated the well presented Chairman's Lecture. The meeting was held at the Hotel Galadari, Colombo on Tuesday, 26th October 1999.

  17. Unveiling of Photographs of Former Vice Chancellors
    The Photographs of former Vice Chancellors Professor G T F de Silva December 1989 - December 1996 and Professor S Karunaratne December 1996 - June 1999 were ceremonially unveiled by the present Vice Chancellor Professor D S Wijesekera in the University of Moratuwa Board Room at 1330 hrs on 19 th October 1999 in the presence of Council Members, Senate Members and other Academic and Non-Academic Staff.

  18. Revision of Academic Calendar - BSc Engineering (will probably need revision due to closure in October)
    The Academic Calendar for the BSc Engineering course has been revised recently to account for the recent closure of the University. The present term which commenced on 29th September will finish on 10th December 1999 other than for the Part II who will have study leave from 12th November.
    The New Intake 1999/2000 for the BSc Engineering Programme is scheduled to commence their Orientation programme on 14th February 2000 and their regular lectures on 24th April 2000. The following Intake 2000/2001 for those who sat the Advanced Level examination in August 1999 is scheduled to commence the Orientation programme in December 2000.

  19. MEng/PGDiploma Course in Electrical Engineering
    The MEng Course in Electrical Engineering is scheduled to commence on 29th October 1999. 27 students have been selected. Dr. Aruna Ranaweera is the co-ordinator for this course.

  20. 93rd Annual Sessions of the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka
    The Inauguration of the 93rd Annual Sessions of the IESL was held on Friday 15th October 1999 at the BMICH, Colombo. Hon. Batty Weerakoon, Minister of Science, Technology & Human Resource Development was the Guest of Honour. The Chief Guest, Her Excellency Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga, President of Sri Lanka delivered her message through multi-media as she was unable to be present hereself.
    Eng (Ms) R L Hathurusinha was inducted as the President for the Session 1999/2000 by the outgoing President Eng D C Wijeratna. Ms Hathurusingha is the First Woman President of the Institution during its 93 year history.
    The Techno 99 Exhibition was also opened after the inauguration and will run till 17th October.

  21. Web Counter
    A Web counter has been installed at this site with effect from 15th October 1999

  22. Talk on Web Engineering
    Professor Athula Ginige, Professor of Computing and Information Systems, University of Western Sydney delivered a talk on Web Engineering at the Electrical Engineering Seminar Room on Wednesday 13th October 1999.

  23. Sabbatical Leave - Professor S Karunaratne
    Professor S Karunaratne has requested two years sabbatical leave commencing 12th October 1999.

  24. Research Publication
    A paper on Loading of Transformers beyond nameplate rating by K.B.M.I. Perera and J R Lucas has been published in the Engineer, vol xxx, September 1999, No 03, pp 68-65.

  25. Overseas Visits - Dr Priyantha Wijetunge
    Dr Priyantha Wijetunge visited AIT Thailand during the period 22nd August to 28th August 1999.
    He also visited UK during 13th September to 18th September 1999 and is presently on leave visiting India, US and Canada.

  26. Head, Department of Electronics & Telecommunications
    Dr Dileeka Dias has been appointed as the head of the department of electronics and telecommunications engineering with effect from the beginning of September 1999. She took over from Dr Kapila Jayasinghe who completed three years in that post.

  27. Annual Conference - IEE Sri Lanka Centre
    The Fifth Annual Conference of the IEE Sri Lanka Centre was held on 18th September 1999 at the Hotel Galadari, Colombo. 13 Technical papers were presented. Among the papers were the following from the University of Moratuwa.
    * Lightning Protection of pole mounted transformers and its application in Sri Lanka - J R Lucas and D A J Nanayakkara, University of Moratuwa & Lanka Transformers Ltd
    * Radio Telemetry Receiver - S R K Banavan, H M G Gunasekera, N H A N Nandasiri, I J Dayawansa and B S Samarasiri, University of Moratuwa
    * Increasing the power transfer capability of an ac transmission line using a parallel small power dc link - Rohan Lucas and Jahan Peiris, University of Moratuwa
    * Developing of an Electronic Device to detect Red Palm Weevil Larvae in Coconut Plantation in Sri Lanka - D N P Nanayakkara, Priyanthi Fernando, C W S Goonetilleke, W D M Prasanna, T K J Sandagomi and I K Weerasekara, University of Moratuwa & Coconut Research Institute, Luniwila
    * Planer Geometry slot type horn antenna for X-band - I J Dayawansa, C Perera, G Tissera and D S M Perera, University of Moratuwa
    * Electromagnetic Effects on the Brain due to Cellular Phones - I J Dayawansa, G T F de Silva, University of Moratuwa
    * Microstrip Patch Antenna Array for X-Band - I J Dayawansa, H M G R de Silva, K P C Dilani and E G S J Edirisinghe, University of Moratuwa
    * A date with computer viruses - V S Ganepola and L Seneviratne, University of Moratuwa.

    The paper on Developing of an Electronic Device to detect Red Palm Weevil Larvae in Coconut Plantation in Sri Lanka was selected as the best presented paper at the conference.

  28. Recommencement of Lectures
    Lectures for the Engineering undergraduate students and the NDT students recommenced on 29th September 1999 after the recent disruption.

  29. Appointment of Vice Chancellor
    Professor Dayantha Wijesekera Senior Professor in Civil Engineering has been appointed as the Vice Chancellor from mid September 1999.

  30. Head of Department of Electrical Engineering
    Dr J P Karunadasa was the acting head of the deparment of Electrical Engineering, during the absence of Professor J R Lucas from the island in September 1999.

  31. One Month Sabbatical Leave
    Professor Rohan Lucas Professor in Electrical Engineering spent the balance one month of his previous Sabbatical Leave in September 1999 in Australia. He visited the University of Queensland, the Queensland University of Technology and followed a short course on Power Quality at the University of Wollongong during this period. He also visited the University of Singapore. He intends to develop a module on Power Quality for the MEng course at the University based on his visit.

  32. President's Fund for Inventors and Innovators
    Professor J R Lucas has been appointed as a member of the Technical Sub Committee on Electronics and Electric of the President's Fund for Inventors and Innovators by the Minstry of Finance and Planning.

  33. Director of Postgraduate Studies, Faculty of Engineering
    Prof Mrs N Ratnayake Associate Professor in Civil Engineering has been appointed as the First Director of Postgraduate Studies, Faculty of Engineering with effect from 1st August 1999.

  34. Results of Final Examination for BScEngineering Degree
    The results of the Final Part III examination was released on 16th July 1999, subject to conformation by the University Senate. Results of Electrical Engineering Stream

  35. Acting Vice Chancellor
    Professor Lal Balasooriya Dean, Faculty of Architecture will be the Acting Vice Chancellor with effect from 2nd July 1999.

  36. Resignation of Vice Chancellor
    Professor S Karunaratne has resigned as Vice Chancellor of the University with effect from 29th June 1999 on account of the crisis that has arisen in the University.

  37. Clash between Students
    It is very saddening to report that the University had to be closed for the third time this year on account of a major clash between the NDT students and the BSc Engineering degree students on Tuesday 29th June 1999.

  38. Appointment
    Dr Lalith Gamage has been released to accept an appointment as the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of the Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (Guarantee) Co. Ltd with effect from 1 June 1999.

  39. Conference Paper - Dr H Y R Perera
    Dr Ranjit Perera presented a paper on Impact of Electrification on quality of rural life at the International Workshop on stand-alone rural electrification held at the University of Twente, Euschede, The Netherlands from 17 May to 19 June 1999.

  40. Best Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Project
    The final year undergraduate project Design of an instrument to detect the red weevil in the coconut palm tree was adjudged the best electrical engineering undergraduate project by the Department of Electrical Engineering in the year 1998/99 [Academic Year 1996/97]. The Project was supervised by Dr Nishantha Nanayakkara.
    The members of the project group are
    C W S Goonetilleke
    W D M Prasanna
    T K J Sandagomi
    I K Weerasekera

  41. Mrs. Chintha Jayasinghe obtains PhD from Univiversity of Moratuwa
    Mrs. Chintha Jayasinghe successfully defended her PhD thesis on Alternative Building Materials and Methods for Sri Lanka at an oral evaluation conducted at the Board Room of the Department of Civil Engineering on 20 April 1999. The University Senate at its meeting on 16th June 1999 accepted the recommendation to award the degree of Doctor of Philosophy to Mrs Jayasinghe.

  42. Final Year (Electrical) End of Course Get-together
    The end of course get together was held at the Electrical Engineering Seminar room commencing 1900 hrs on Thursday 17th June 1999. Among the items presented by the graduands was a hilarious mock TV interview with a supposed expert on the disease "Mahamariya" caused by rats.

  43. Appointments
    Dr Nalin Wickramarachchi Senior Lecturer in Electrical Engineering has taken over as the Head of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering from 14th June 1999.

    Dr Priyantha Wijetunge Senior Lecturer in Electrical Engineering has taken over as Head of the Computer Services Centre from June 1999.

  44. Welcomed to the Department
    The Final Part I students commenced their academic work on Monday 14th June 1999. They were welcomed to the department by Professor Rohan Lucas Head/Electrical Engineering, Dr Priyantha Wijetunga President, EESoc and Dr Nishantha nanayakkara Senior Treasurer, EESoc. The Engineering Teaching Assistants and the the Temporary Instructors in the department also participated in the event.

  45. NDT Examinations
    The NDT First Year and Second Year Sessional Examinations are expected to be conducted during the periods 21 June to 12 July and 02 August to 31 August 1999 respectively.[posponed]

  46. Overseas visit - Dr M P Dias
    Dr M P Dias Senior Lecturer in Electrical Engineering and Chairman Atomic Energy Authority of Sri Lanka will be attending the Regional Co-ordination Seminar for Decision Makers responsible for the implementation of the model projects on upgrading Radiation ann Waste Safety infrastructure in East and West Asia in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 14 - 18 June 1999.

    Dr M P Dias will also be attending the Regional Training Course on Design of a TC Project in Beijing, China from 28 June to 6 July 1999.

  47. Revised BSc Engineering Calendar
    The BSc Engineering Calendar, revised by the Faculty on 03-06-1999 due to the recent disturbances, is now available on the Web. Academic Calendar 1999

  48. NDT Diploma Awards Ceremony
    The NDT Diploma Awards Ceremony for the Presentation of Diplomands is rescheduled to be held on 11th August 1999.

  49. Published Papers
    The paper titled "AC-small power DC hybrid transmission for improving power system stability" by Rohan Lucas, (University of Moratuwa), Nalin Pahalawaththa, Udaya Annakkage and John Boys , (all from University of Auckland, NZ) has been accepted in May 1999 for publication in the International Journal Electric Power Systems Research which is devoted to research and new applications in generation, transmission, distribution and utilisation of electric power.

  50. Sabbatical Leave
    Professor Rohan Lucas Professor in Electrical Engineering is hoping to take the balance one month of his previous Sabbatical Leave in September 1999 in Australia. He is planning to visit the University of Queensland and the University of Wollongong. In these visits he hopes to initiate the development of a module on Power Quality for the MEng course at the University.

    Dr Sumedha RajakarunaSenior Lecturer in Electrical Engineering is hoping to go to the University of Toronto in Canada for his Sabbatical for one year commencing in July 1999.

  51. Birth Announcements
    Ms Anula Kumarihamy Abeygunawardena Senior Lecturer in Electrical Engineering gave birth to a baby girl on Wednesday 19th May 1999.

    Dr Lalith Gamage Senior Lecturer in Electrical Engineering and Mrs Ramani Gamage were blessed with the addition of a baby boy to their family on Sunday 2nd May 1999.

  52. Returned after Postgraduate Studies
    Mr Jahan Peiris returned to Sri Lanka and re-assumed duties as a Lecturer in Electrical Engineering on 24 May 1999 after submitting his PhD thesis to the University of Auckland in New Zealand.

  53. Re-commencement of Academic Work
    The recent non-academic staff strike was settled on Thursday 13th May 1999. Postgraduate lectures re-commenced on Friday 21st May. Other academic programmes commenced from 24th May.

  54. Visits Abroad
    Dr Priyantha Wijetunge visited the Tata Energy Research Institute in India for 3 weeks in May 1999.

  55. Reminder -Call for Papers - Fifth Annual Conference - IEE Sri Lanka Centre
    The IEE Sri Lanka Centre will be holding the Fifth Annual Conference on Saturday 18th September 1999. Prospective authors have been invited to submit abstracts of papers, they intend to submit, on or before 1 June 1999.

  56. Commencement of Academic Work
    The University which closed for the students on 9th February 1999 recommenced academic work for the Postgraduate students on 5th March 1999 and for all students on 11th March 1999. However due to student agitation it had to be reclosed for undergraduate students on 19th March 1999.

    The University was thereafter kept closed on account of the Provincial Council Elections which fell on 6th April 1999 and the Sinhala and Tamil New Year which fell on 14th April 1999. Academic activities are expected to recommence soon.

  57. Transfer/Promotion (not accepted)
    Ms. M K G Sandamali Madawala, Clerk of the Department of electrical engineering, has obtained a tranfer to the Colombo Medical College as a Trainee Technical Officer with effect from 2nd March 1999.
    However due to personal reasons, she has decided not to accept the appointment but remain in the department of Electrical Engineering.

  58. Temporary Appointments
    Dr Nalin Wickramarachchi Senior Lecturer in Electrical Engineering is the Acting Head of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering for one week from 2nd March 1999, in the absence of Dr Gihan Dias who has gone on a technical visit to Singapore.

    Dr Priyantha Wijetunge Senior Lecturer in Electrical Engineering is the Acting Head of the Computer Services Centre from 2nd March 1999 in the absence of Dr Lalith Gamage who is on two month vacation leave.

  59. Resignation
    Dr. Saman Priyantha Kumarawadu, Senior Lecturer in Electrical Engineering, Grade II, has given his resignation effective from 26th February 1999 to take up a post-doctoral appointment in the United Kingdom.

  60. 750 kW Grid connected mini hydro power station
    The mini hydro power station, designed and constructed by MKN Eco Power Ltd of which Dr D P N Nanayakkara is a Director, has been commissioned in January 1999. The Power Station is constructed on a tributary of Walawe Ganga at Wijeriya, Kolonne.

  61. Village micro hyro power project
    ENCO (Pvt) Ltd of which Dr Nishantha Nanayakkara and Dr Sumedha Rajakaruna are Directors has designed and constructed a 12 kW micro hydro power plant in a remote village in Deraniyagala on a branch of Magal Ganga, a tributary of the Kelani Ganga.

  62. NDT Final Year Field Visit to Power Stations
    The NDT II students, together with some staff members in the department visited the Randenigala & Rantambe Power Stations and the Attampitiya micro- hydro power plant during a field visit organised by the department from 12th to 14th January 1999.

  63. M Eng Course - Technical Visit to Wind Farm at Hambantota
    The students of the MEng Course in Electrical Engineering together with some of the academic staff paid a technical visit to the (600 kW x 5) Wind Farm under construction at Hambantota on 23rd January 1999.

  64. Appointment of Visiting Instructors
    30 Visiting Instructors were appointed with effect from 13th January, from the batch who completed the BScEng Final examination recently.

  65. Sylvanus P Thompson Lecture
    Prof. Malcolm McCormick De Montfort University, Leicester, UK conducted the prestigious IEE Silvanus P Thompson lecture, which he has delivered at over 30 locations worldwide, at the University of Moratuwa on 12th January 1999 on the topic 3DTV - A Virtual Reality. Over 400 Younger Members, academic staff and students enjoyed the very interesting lecture/demonstration.
    The visit of Prof. McCormick to Sri Lanka has been organised by the Younger Members' Section of the Institution of Electrical Engineers, Sri Lanka Centre.

  66. Recognition of Degrees
    The IEE has agreed to grant favourable consideration to candidates offering degrees from the University of Moratuwa, whose transcript indicates an overall mark of at least 70%, to satisfy the educational requirements for Corporate Membership.
    This has been achieved through discussions between IEE and its International Representatives in Sri Lanka the IEE and information supplied by the University of Moratuwa.
    Discussions will continue to obtain recognition for all the graduates of the Universities in Sri Lanka.

  67. Inaugural NDT Diploma Awards Ceremony
    The University of Moratuwa, NDT Diploma Awards Ceremony for the Presentation of Diplomands is scheduled to be held in two sessions on 11th February 1999 at the B.M.I.C.H.
    Diplomands for the Academic Years 1987/88, 1988/89, 1989/90, 1990/91, 1991/92 and 1992/93 will be awarded the certificates at this ceremony. [Posponed]

  68. Manamperi Award
    The project "Optimisation of Transformer Design based on Load Curve" by K K A S D Kumarasinghe, R L I K Dias (Ms), U A D R Athukorala and P G A Gunawardena supervised by K B M I Perera and J R Lucas, was awarded the Manamperi Award for the best Engineering Student Project by the Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science for the Year 1998 at their Annual Sessions on 14th December 1998.
    His Lordship the Hon. G.P.S. de Silva, Chief Justice was the Chief Guest at the Ceremony.

News and Announcements in 1998

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