Department of Electrical Engineering - University of Moratuwa

Old News and Announcements from May 1998 - December 1998

  1. Manamperi Award
    The project "Optimisation of Transformer Design based on Load Curve" by K K A S D Kumarasinghe, R L I K Dias (Ms), U A D R Athukorala and P G A Gunawardena supervised by K B M I Perera and J R Lucas, was awarded the Manamperi Award for the best Engineering Student Project by the Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science for the Year 1998 at their Annual Sessions on 14th December 1998.
    His Lordship the Hon. G.P.S. de Silva, Chief Justice was the Chief Guest at the Ceremony.

  2. Memorandum of Understanding with Asian Institute of Technologoy, Bangkok
    Signing of the MOU with AIT was completed on 18th December 1998 at the University of Moratuwa by Professor S Karunaratne Vice Chancellor, University of Moratuwa in the presence of Prof Jyoti P Gupta Dean, School of Management, AIT and Mr Sanjeev Jayasinghe Coordinator, Promotion and Special Event, AIT. The MOU had already been signed by the President, AIT on an earlier date as it was not possible for him to attend the ceremony.

  3. Engineering Faculty Board Room
    The enlarged and refurbished Engineering Faculty Board Room was inaugurated on Thursday 10th December 1998 at a joint meeting of the Engineering Faculty and the Architecture Faculty. The Vice Chancellor, Professor Karunaratne chaired this meeting at which the development plans of the two faculties and the university were presented.

  4. University Convocation
    The University of Moratuwa Convocation for the Presentation of Graduands was held on Wednesday 9th December 1998 at the B.M.I.C.H. 508 graduands were conferred at this Convocation. Among the graduands were 45 in the Electrical Engineering specialisation.

    12 graduands also received Awards of Academic Distinction. Among the awards given was the Professor Ted Parish Award for the highest Class average in theElectrical Engineering Specialisation. Mr. A.A.D.T. Adikaari who obtained First Class Honours received this award.

  5. Foreign Visits - Dr LDKB Gamage
    Dr Lalith Gamage attended the third meeting of the Principal Investigators for Advanced Earth Observation Satellite Applications (ADEOS) in Manila in conjuction with the 19th Asian Conference on Remote sensing from 16th to 18th November 1998.

    Dr Lalith Gamage attended a Conference in Singapore from 1st December to 4th December 1998.

  6. Lanka Transformers Ltd Award
    Lanka Transformers Ltd, Moratuwa has donated an Award for the Electrical Engineering Graduand who has obtained the highest weighted average at the M Eng degree Examination. This award was approved by the University Council on 4th November 1998.

  7. Dr P D C Wijayatunga has been promoted as a Senior Lecturer, Grade I with effect from March 1998. The decision of the Interview Panel has been approved by the University Council at its recent meeting.

  8. University of Moratuwa Awards Ceremony
    The University of Moratuwa Awards Ceremony was held on 24th November 1998 at the Civil Engineering Auditorium. Among the Awards given was the EESoc Award for Excellence in Performance in the Final Year Underg raduate Project in Electrical Engineering for the years 1994/95 and 1995/96.

  9. Contributors to PSCAD
    The List of contributors to thePSC AD/EMTDC software package gifted to the Department of Electrical Engineer ing in September 1998, has just been received. On behalf of the department let me thank each of them for contributing to the pu rchase of the EMTDC/PSCAD package. We will be using it in the MEng course star ted on 30 October 1998.

  10. Fifth EESoc Annual Get-together
    The 5th EESoc Annual Get-together was held on Saturday 31st October 1998 under the patronage of Professor J R Lucas. The get-together commenced with the sports carnival where the 6-a-side cricket tournament took p ride of place. There were also a Tug-of-war and a an distance-egg-catching cont est among other events. The staff, students and graduates all took part in thes e events. A Drama, a modern version of Maname adapted to the University environ ment, was performed by the Final Part I students. The AGM took place where Dr P D C Wijayatunga was re-elected uncontested. It was followed by the get -together/dinner.

  11. M Eng Course in Electrical Engineering
    The MEng Course in Electrical Engineering was inaugurated on 30th October 1998. The Head of department, Professor J R Lucas g ave the welcome address and the Vice Chancellor Professor S Karunaratne and the Dean/Engineering Professor Lakshman Rathnayake addressed the gathering. The Cou rse Co-ordinator Dr Nalin Wickramarachchi gave the vote of thanks.

  12. A new batch of Engineering students were admitted to the University on We dnesday 28th October 1998. Mr. D.C. Wijeratne, President IESL was the chief gue st at the Inauguration.

  13. The 92nd Annual Sessions of the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka was ceremonially opened by the Chief Guest Hon. Prof. G L Peiris, Minister of Justice, Constitutional Affairs, Eth nic Affairs & National Integration and Deputy Minister of Finance on Friday 15th October 1998, at the BMICH, Colombo. The Hon. Batty Weerakoon, Minister of Science, Technology & Human Res ource Development was the Guest of Honour. Pro f. Ajoy K Ghose, President, Institution of Engineers, India was the Guest Speaker.

    Mr D C Wijeratne (AGM/Planning, CEB) was inducted as the incoming Presi dent.
    Among those elected to the IESL Council for the session 1998/99 are Professor J R Lucas(Head/Electrical), Professor L L Rathnayake (Dean/Engineering) and Mr D L Taldena (Head/Electrical Engine ering Open University) to represent the Class of Fellows.

  14. Prof Hubert Silva (former Head/Chemical Engineering) died on 5th October 1998. The funeral took place on Thursday 8th October at Katukuru nda, Kalutara. As a mark of respect, lectures in the afternoon session were can celled on that day. A large gathering of staff and students (both past and present) were present to pay their last respects.

  15. Professor Harsha Sirisena (Associate Professor in Electrical Engineeri ng, University of Canterbury, New Zealand) visited the department on 2nd Oct ober and had discussions with senior academic staff of the University.

  16. The Academic Calendar for the BSc Engineering degree for the years 1998 and 1999, approved at the faculty on 01-10-199 8 is now available on our server.

  17. Dr H Y R Perera has been promoted as a Senior Lectur er, Grade I with effect from December 1997. The decision of the Inte rview Panel has been approved by the University Council at its recent meeting.

  18. Dr D P N Nanayakkara visited Japan on a cultural exchange program from 1 October to 12 October 1998.

  19. A paper titled "The coordination of directional overcurrent relays based on direct iterative method" by Deshi Luo, C P Arnold (both from Universi ty of Canterbury, New Zealand) and J R Lucas has been presented at the AUPEC'98 conference in Tasmania, Australia during the period 27-30 September.

  20. Dr. Prinath Dias, Senior Lecturer in Electrical Engineering and Chairm an - Atomic Energy Authority of Sri Lanka participated in the General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, Austria from 20th Septe mber to 27th September 1998.

  21. The Annual Sessions of the IEE Sri Lanka Centre was held on Saturday 26th September 1998 at Hotel Galadari, Colombo. Around 80 members of all grades atte nded the Sessions. Among the papers read are

    "Optimisation of Transformer Design based on Load Curve" by K B M I Perera, J R Lucas, K K A S D Kumarasinghe, R L I K Dias, U A D R Athukorala and P G A Gunawardena.

    "Development of Technical Standards for Low Cost Distribution of Electricity in Village-Hydro Schemes" H Y R Perera, C V K Periyapperuma and U K D L P Udawatta.

  22. The IEE Sri Lanka Centre held its AGM on 24 September at the Hotel Intercontinen tal, Colombo. Professor Rohan Lucas was elected as the Vice Chairman and Profess or Indra Dayawansa (Electronics & Telecom) and Dr Priyantha Wijayatunga were elected as Ordinary Members of the Committee for the year commencing 1 October 1998. Mr D C Wijeratne (Ceylon Electricity Board) was elected as the new Chairman.

  23. The Faculty of Engineering, at a special meeting held on 17th September r e-elected Professor Lakshman Ratnayake as Dean uncontested, for a second con secutive term from 3rd October 1998.

  24. The results of the NDT Final Examination 1993/94 released recently were confirmed by the Senate at the meeting held on 16th September 1998. - Results of Electrical Power Engineering Technology St ream

  25. 25 candidates have been selected for the MEng/PGDipl oma course in Electrical Engineering.

  26. IEE Younger Members Section - Sri Lanka organised a Video Presentation on the IE E and Recruitment for undergraduates of the University of Moratuwa. It was hel d on 17th September and was open to propective members from Computer Science & E ngineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering and Mechanical Engineering streams.

  27. Dr Priyantha Wijayatunga has been appointed a member of the Core team on Energy (Fossil Fuels) and Large Hydro to prepare a plan/strategy for developing a National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC) by the Ministry of Forestry & Environment on 14th September 1998.

    Dr Priyantha Wijayatunga participated in the Workshop for Core teams for pre paration of plan/strategy for developing a National Action Plan on Climate Chang e (NAPCC) at the Galadari Hotel, Colombo on 14th September 1998.

  28. A Seminar on 'Financial structure of infrastructure projects'by Dr Pradeep Perera, Private Sector Infrastructure Development Company (PSIDC) was held on Thursday 10th September at the Electrical Engineering Seminar room.

  29. The PSCAD/EMTDC software package has been received on 8 th September 1998 from the Manitoba HVDC Research Centre, Canada.
    This valuable software package is a gift from some of the grateful past students of the Department of Electrical Engineering, prese ntly residing mainly in Canada and New Zealand.

  30. Dr Aruna Ranaweera attended a 5 day Workshop on Digital Publishing Technologies for the staff of Universities conducted by the Institute of Computer Technology of the University of Colombo in August 1998.

  31. The selection interviews for the MEng/PGDiploma course in Electrical Engineering were held on 31 August and 1 September. 43 Applicants were called for the interview. 25 candidates have been selected for the course.

  32. The NDT Academic Calendar is also now available on our server.

  33. Mr Waruna Chandrasena left for the University of Manitoba on Postgraduate Study Leave on 25th August 1998 to follow the Master's Course in Electrical Engineering and to undertake research under the supervision of Professor Peter Mc Laren.

  34. The results of the Final Part III examination released recently were confirmed by the Senate at the meeting held on 19th August 1998. - Results of Electrical Engineering Stream

  35. A Seminar was held on the "Revision of NDT Curriculum" on 18 August 1998 with invited professionals from the Industry and Professional Institutes with a view to obtaining comments on the draft syllabi/curriculum. Mr. Ranjith Fonseka (AGM, Ceylon Electricity Board) and Mr. Anton Peiris (CEO, ElectroServe) represented the Industry in the Electrical Engineering field and made a lot of contributions at both the session one held in the electrical engineering department and the session two common to all engineering disciplines.

  36. Dr. S.P. Kumarawadu presented a paper on "Restructuring of Electricity Industry in Sri Lanka by Private Sector Participation in Generation" in the Regional Workshop on "Improving the Availability of Power in South Asia - Search for Optimal Technological Options" from 7-8 August 1998 at Dhaka, Bangladesh under the auspices of FEISCA and organised by the Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh.

  37. The Academic Calendar 1998 for the BSc Engineering Course was revised at the faculty meeting on 06th August.

  38. The IEE Sri Lanka Centre Web Page is now available on our server.

  39. Mr Sisira Kankanam Gamage, who is on overseas study leave at the University of Cincinati in America is on a one month visit (August 1998) to the University of Moratuwa.

  40. Dr Priyanthi Fernando and other technical officers from the Coconut Research Institute visited the department and had discussions with Dr D P N Nanayakkara and an undergraduate project group carrying out research on "Electronic detection of the Red Weevil of Coconut Palms in Sri Lanka".

  41. Dr D P N Nanayakkara was a member of the Cabinet Appointed Tender Board on DGPS installation and light house refurbishment at the Sri Lanka Ports Authority.

  42. Dr P D C Wijayatunga and Dr A Ranaweera were elected as Joint Secretaries of the Sri Lanka Energy Managers Association (SLEMA) for the year 1998/99.

  43. The Public Holidays for Sri Lanka for 1999 has recently been released by the Ministry of Public Administration, Home Affairs and Plantation Industries. [ Public Holidays for Sri Lanka for 1998 are included for information.]

  44. The selection of the Best Final year undergraduate Project was finalised by the senior academic staff of the department at the end of July 1998.

  45. Detail syllabuses of most of the subjects offered have been put in the home pages of the department for postgraduate, undergraduate and NDT courses.

  46. Dr. Priyantha Wijayatunga visited Ahmedabad, India for the concluding meeting of the Project ENSIGN funded by the UNDP through the Asian and Pacific Development Centre (APDC) from 6-10 July 1998.

  47. The results of the Final Part III examination held recently were released by the Board of Examiners at the meeting held on 8th July 1998, subject to confirmation by the Senate. In the Electrical Engineering Stream, there are 2 First Class passes, 6 Second Class (Upper Division) passes, 26 Second Class (Lower Division) passes and 11 Ordinary Passes.

  48. Applications have been invited for the M.Eng./Postgraduate Diploma course in Electrical Engineering due to commence in October 1998. Closing date for applications is 14th August 1998. The subjects offered are Advanced Power Systems, Power Electronics & Controlled Drives, Energy Systems, Control Systems, Computer Systems Engineering and Mathematical Modelling & Simulation. See the Advertisement for details.

  49. The Final Part III students, together with lecturers in the department visited micro-hydro and mini-hydro power stations during a field visit organised by the department in July 1998.

  50. Mr. Namal Fernando who obtained First Class Honours specialising in Electrical Engineering secured both the Professor Ted Parish Award for the highest Class average in the Electrical Engineering specialisation and the Professor Patuwatuvithane Award for the highest average at the Final Part III examination, at the recently concluded University Convocation in May 1998.

  51. Professor Rohan Lucas took over the post of Head of Department from Dr Prinath Dias on 15 May 1998 after returning from his sabbatical leave in New Zealand, at the University of Canterbury as a visiting Erskine Fellow and at the University of Auckland as a visiting Professor.
    The EE department home pages have been fully revised since June/July 1998. Next