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Old News, Views and Announcements - January - December 2003

December 2003

223.   New Year Greetings and Blessings       Posted: 29/12/2003
The first working day of the New Year (1st January 2004) would be commenced, as has been the tradition in the recent past, with a multi-religious ceremony in the James George Hall commencing at 0900 hrs. [Lighting of the oil lamp, Buddhist blessings, Hindu blessings, Christian blessings, Muslim blessings] This would be followed by a few addresses along with the award of medals for long service of the staff.
The Vice-Chancellor has invited all staff to be present at the above ceremony.
The New Cafetaria will be opened soon after the above ceremony. The Vice Chancellor has also invited all staff to the New Canteen (Bridge Level) according to a given roster, so that the Vice-Chancellor could greet each one individually and also to join in partaking of kiribath and other traditional foods. The time scheduled for the staff of the Department of Electrical Engineering is 1040 hrs.
222.   University of Moratuwa claims responsibility for Test Series Win       Posted: 23/12/2003
The University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka is rumoured to claim full responsibility for Sri Lanka winning the Test Series with England inside 4 days. The following are the facts (and probable reasons) relating to the win.
  1. At the Asgiriya Cricket grounds, on Saturday 13th December 2003, our dynamic and resourceful Vice Chancellor (Prof Dayantha Wijeyesekera) enticed Mr Roger Knight, the Chief Executive of the MCC, to become the Chief Guest at the Colours Awards Ceremony of the University scheduled for 1600 hrs Monday 22nd December 2003 (that is, on the afternoon of the final day of the final and decisive test between England and Sri Lanka at the SSC Grounds).
    Obviously, to allow the Chief Executive of the MCC to miss the final moments of the match would be almost blasphemous, so that the match had to be finished either early on Monday or more conveniently on Sunday evening itself to allow Mr Knight to come without a guilty conscious. The latter option was obviously taken so that the match finished inside 4 days.
  2. The Electrical Vehicle designed and manufatured by the Automobile Section of the Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of Moratuwa (in association with KOICA in Korea) was used for the first time at a Cricket Match to transport "drinks" to the turf from the pavilion, at the just concluded Test Match between England and Sri Lanka played at the SSC grounds.
    Based on experience at both the Galle Test Match and the Asgiriya Test Match, the tail-enders of the England team were capable of easily playing out the 165 or so overs left to draw the match, even with a dramatic collapse at the top. However, their plans obviously would not have been made with the knowledge that a new and sophisticated drinks transporter would be used at the SSC grounds, designed and constructed by the University of Moratuwa which was not used at either of the other two grounds. Lack of playing under this condition put paid to all hopes they had of drawing the match.
    [Note by the Editor: The power of the capabilities of the University of Moratuwa students should not be underestimated. At a very recent International University games, 5 of the 17 participants selected to represent Sri Lanka from 11 universities were from the University of Moratuwa. 94% of students gaining entry to Engineering on Merit in January 2004 had Moratuwa as their first choice. When the results of the final examination in engineering was released very recently, 89 students secured First Class passes at examinations of very high standard. These show the quality of our students both in extra-curricular activities as well as in academic matters.].
  3. The observations made in this news item in a lighter vein are not intended to take the credit from the Cricketers who wholly deserve are congradulations on the victory.
221.   Colours Awards 2002-2003 - an Update       Posted: 23/12/2003
The Colours Awards Ceremony was held yesterday in the presence of a distinguished gathering, which included the Chief Guest (Mr Roger Knight - Secretary & Chief Executive of the MCC), the Chancellor (Dr Ray Wijewardena), the Vice Chancellor (Prof Dayantha Wijeyesekera), Deans of the three Faculties (Prof Nimal de Silva, Prof Malik Ranasinghe, and Dr Ajith Madurapperuma), the Registrar (Mr Chandra de Silva), the Chairman of the Sports Advisory Boards (Prof Priyantha Wijayatunga), the Director of Physical Education (Mrs Wimala Jayaweera), Academic & Administrative Staff, sportsmen and well-wishers. Over 500 Awards of Colours was made (around 250 for 2002 and over 250 for 2003). Around 70 special and very special awards were also made at the ceremony.
The Chief Guest Mr Roger Knight was introduced as being not only a sportsmen who excelled in cricket (with 31 first class centuries in the UK), also in Rugby, Tennis and Squash but also had a distinguished academic career with roots at the University of Cambridge and teaching and administering educational institutions at the highest level.
During his address Mr Knight explained that he was very fortunate to have been able to have done what he wanted, and that even during 14 years as a Headmaster he was always able to take time off in the Summer to actively participate in Cricket at County Level. He also gave a vivid example of how when their team had become Runners-Up in the Nat-West trophy three times in a row, the team got together and came out with a game plan for the next year - CHEERS. If I remember correctly, C stood for Courage, H for Honesty, the first E for Entertainment which the crowds expect, the second E for Enjoyment which is essential if one is to carry-on, R for Responsibility, finally resulting in S for Success.
Evidently "CHEERS" worked as when they came to the Nat-West final the next year, they were able to win the Cup although the other team even had the Captain of the England Cricket Team. Their team then celebrated with "Cheers". The address by the chief guest was perhaps the best ever given at one of our Colours Awards Ceremonies.
MCC for those who are not familiar with it is the most prestigious cricket club in England and is still the authority responsible for the laws of the game of cricket, and the most well-known cricket ground LORDS is owned and maintained by the MCC. Till 1968, the England team was known as the MCC team. The MCC was responsbile for the game overseas until 1990s.
220.   University of Moratuwa celebrates 25 years of Independant Existence
      Posted: 22/12/2003
The University of Moratuwa is Twenty-Five years old today. It celebrated its twenty-fifth birthday during the colours awards ceremony with the Vice Chancellor, Professor Dayantha Wijeyesekera, inviting the Chancellor, Vidya Jothi Dr Ray Wijewardena, to cut the Birthday cake (with "2 5" lighted candles) and with the audience of sportsmen and well wishers singing "Happy Birthday".
Although the University can trace back its roots to 1893 (one hundred and ten years) when the Ceylon Technical College was established, and to 1972 when it first gained University status as a campus the University of Sri Lanka, it became an independant University - University of Moratuwa - on 22 December 1978 exactly 25 years ago today.
219.   Modification to the Level 4 Curriculum in Electrical Engineering          Posted: 22/12/2003
The University Senate at its meeting in December 2003 approved changes to the course units EE 428 - Power System Control and System Modelling (2 credit) and EE 429 - Power System Planningand Operation (2 Credit). This change will be effective from January 2004.
218.   Priyantha starts work as Director General PUCSL          Posted: 22/12/2003
Prof Priyantha Wijayatunga started work as the first Director General of the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka. A News Item on this appeared on the Ceylon Daily News of 22 December 2003.
217.   Inauguration of BSc Engineering Course - New Intake          Posted: 19/12/2003
The arrival of the new students and theInauguration of BSc Engineering Course - New Intake will take place on Tuesday 13th January 2004. As has been the practice in recent years, the Chief Guest for the occassion will be the President of the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka - Eng Piyal de Silva. A Programme for the parents of the new students will also take place on the same day.
216.   University Special Holiday for Christmas          Posted: 17/12/2003
The Vice Chancellor University of Moratuwa has declared 26th December 2003 as a special holiday for Christmas.
215.   Annual Colours Awards Ceremonny 2002 & 2003          Posted: 17/12/2003
trophy The Annual Colours Awards Ceremony 2002 & 2003 of the University of Moratuwa will be held on Monday 22 December 2003 at the Civil Engineering Auditorium commencing at 1600 hrs. The chief guest for the occasion will be Mr. Roger Knight, M.A. who is the Secretary & Chief-Executive of the Maryleborne Cricket Club (MCC), England. The Guest of Honour will be our Vice Chancellor, Prof Dayantha Wijeyesekera.
214.   Minimum "Z" Score for selection from April 2003 A/L
         Posted: 12/12/2003   Updated: 15/12/2003
The UGC has released the Minimum "Z" Score for selection to the various courses of study in respect of each district today. The University of Moratuwa intends to have the inauguration for the students who have been selected for the BSc Engineering course in January 2004.
A comparison of "Z" scores for 2003/04 is also available. The "Z scores" for the previous intake relevant to our University is also available on our site.
213.   Chandana Karawita prepares to leave for Higher Studies          Posted: 10/12/2003
Chandana Karawita Probationary Lecturer in the department of electrical engineering obtained a research assistantship to work with Professor M R Raghuveer at the University of Manitoba in Canada in the general area of high voltage power transmission. [Professor Raghuveer is our external examiner for high voltage engineering]. Chandana will be leaving for Manitoba on 17th December.
[Note: During the winter, the temperatures go down to the unique value where the unit of measurement - whether celsius or farenheit does not have to be stated.]
212.   Fourth Workshop on Lightning Protection          Posted: 10/12/2003
The Fourth Workshop on Lightning Protection, jointly organised by the Institute of Physics, Sri Lanka and the IEE Sri Lanka will be held on Thursday 18th December 2003 at Hotel Galadari, Colombo. The fee for members of IPSL and IEE is Rs 3000/- per participant while for non members it will be Rs 4000/- per participant. The number of places has been limited to 75 to ensure quality. You are invited to secure a place in the Workshop by registering early.

The registration fee should be by cheque written in favour of IEE Sri Lanka Center and posted to the honorary secretary, IEE Sri Lanka. Reservations may be made by telephone (2678630) between about 5.15 pm and 7.15 pm or by sending an email ( or

211.   Launching of the CADENCE Electronic Design Automation Software          Posted: 10/12/2003
The CADENCE Electronic Design Automation Software, supplied under the ADB STPD Project, to the Engineering Design Center of the University of Moratuwa will be officially launched by Prof. Lakshman Ratnayake, Vice Chairman - UGC at the The Vice Chancellor's Board Room on 12th December 2003 at 1030 hrs.
210.   Master of Science / PG. Diploma in Computer Science 2004/2005
         Posted: 03/12/2003
The Master of Science in Computer Science / PG. Diploma in Computer Science 2004/2005 at the University of Moratuwa will commence in early 2004. The Closing Date for application is 20th December 2003. Students will follow courses during the first year which consists of two semesters of 14 weeks each and a short semester of 7 weeks. Lectures will be held from 08.30 -17.30 hrs on Fridays and Saturdays at the University of Moratuwa. Brochure.
You may contact Dr. Sanath Jayasena, MSc Course Coordinator, Department of Computer Science & Engineering for details. Telephone: 94-11-2650301(Ex:3111), Fax: 94-11-2650491, E-mail:, Website:
209.   Rukmal Jayasinghe and Nayana Wijesiriwardena complete MEng degrees
         Posted: 03/12/2003
Mr Rukmal Jayasinghe and Ms Nayana Wijesiriwardena successfully defended their dissertations on 2nd December 2003 for the MEng degrees. Their results are released subject to formalities and confirmation by the University Senate.
208.   Lecture on Business Risk Management          Posted: 03/12/2003
A Lecture on Business Risk Management will be delivered by Holcim Lanka Ltd at the Electrical Engineering Seminar Room on Thursday 4th December 2003 from 1530 hrs to 1700 hrs. The talk is organised by AIESEC and everyone is welcome for the talk.
207.   Opening of New Cafetaria          Posted: 01/12/2003
The new cafetaria, which has just been completed will, I understand, be ceremonially opened on Thursday 1st January 2004.

November 2003

206.   BSc Engineering Degree Results          Posted: 28/11/2003  Updated: 04/12/2003
The Board of Examiners for the B Sc Engineering degree final examination was held today (28 November). 89 students from over 350 students who completed the examination received First Class passes. Among these are 17 students from Electrical Engineering, about 9 students from Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering and about 27 students from Computer Science & Engineering streams.

In the Electrical Engineering stream from among the total of 49 students, a further 18 students obtained Second Class (Upper Division) passes and 12 students Second Class (Lower Division) passes. The detailed results have been put on the official notice board of the Examinations Division at about 1600hrs. The overall results of the Electrical Engineering Stream is available at this site. Non Java Link. These results have been released subject to confirmation by the University Senate.


  1. I am not in a position to display the results of the other fields as I do not have direct access to those results.
  2. The high amount of first classes are not surprising considering the facts that (i)only a very limited number get selected for engineering, (ii)from those selected on merit, over 90% select University of Moratuwa as their first choice and (iii)for field selection, the above three fields are the first choice.
205.   Prof Priyantha Wijayatunga to attend World Energy Council Meeting, Manila
      Posted: 28/11/2003
Prof Priyantha Wijayatunga will attend the Reforms Conferecene of the World Energy Council in Manila Phillipines from the 1st December to 6th December 2003 as a representative of the Government of Sri Lanka.
204.   New Dean, Faculty of Information Technology       Posted: 28/11/2003
Dr Ajith P Madurapperuma has been elected uncontested as the Second Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology, University of Moratuwa. The meeting for the election was presided by the Vice Chancellor, Professor Dayantha S Wijeyesekera on 27th November at 1600 hrs at its premises at Borella. Dr Madurapperuma will take over as the Dean with effect from 1st December 2003. Our Best Wishes go to him.

Dr Madurapperuma who is presently the Head of the department of Computational Mathematics in the Faculty of Information Technology takes over from Professor Priyantha Wijayatunga, who moulded the Faculty from inception. Prof Wijayatunga has tendered his resignation as he has recently been appointed as the First Director General of the newly established Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka.

203.   Original Paper by D J Wimalasurendra in 1918       Posted: 27/11/2003
I have recast the original paper of D J Wimalasurendra, the Father of Hydropower Development in Sri Lanka and put it on the web, as I believe everyone of you should read it. There is also a biography of him on our site.
Wimalasurendra's interest in Hydro Power development dates back to 1901. From the day he saw Laxapana, his interest was to harness it and other falls for generation of hydro electricity.
In 1918, Wimalasurendra read a paper titled Economics of Power Utilization in Ceylon to the Engineering Association (now the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka) wherein he argued the case for the development of hydro potential of the country. He estimated that 114.5 MW could be developed from Kehelgamuwa Oya. The engineering fraternity, who were essentially Englishmen at that time, were sceptic of the whole project. Besides they wondered what the country would do with 114.5 MW of power. He countered them and pointed out the need for cheap power for setting up heavy industries for the development of the country. This included the electrification a section of the railway.
In 1923, the government accepted the proposal for constructing a hydro-electric project. However, Wimalasurendra retired from public service in 1930 as a frustrated man as his mission was still unaccomplishhed. The defiant Wimalasurendra then successfully contested for the State Council from Ratnapura and with courage of conviction fought for the speedy implementation of the hydro-electric scheme. Even with all his efforts, the scheme on which work was started in 1923 was completed only in 1950.
Link for paper for Non Java viewers (hopefully).
202.   Course on Information Technology Applications and the Mobile IT Bus - an Update
      Posted: 27/11/2003    Updated: 28/11/2003 & 04/12/2003
The Course on Information Technology Applications was inagurated by the Hon. Ravi Karunanayake MP Minister of Commerce & Consumer Affairs at 0930 hrs today in the presence of distinguished guests, the Ven. Maha Sangha, the University Staff, School Children and the Media. Among the distinguished persons present were the Director General of the Mahapola Board of Management (Mrs Shamila Perera), Secretary/Ministry of Consumer Affairs (Mr Harsha Wickremasinghe), Chancellor (Vidyajothi Dr Ray Wijeyewardena), Vice Chancellor (Prof Dayantha Wijeyesekera), the Dean/Engineering (Prof Malik Ranasinghe), the Dean/Information Technology (Prof Priyaantha Wijayatunga), Chairman ICGAT (Prof Sohan Wijeyesekara), and the Director of the University Industry Interaction Cell (Ms Surani Dias).

The MOBITECH Computers inside Bus

The Mobile IT Bus THE MOBITECH was commissioned at 1030hrs by the Minister. The MOBITECH has 10 computers installed with seats for 20 students at a time.

201.   Course on Information Technology Applications and the Mobile IT Bus
      Posted: 25/11/2003
The Course on Information Technology Applications and the Mobile IT Bus THE MOBITECH will be inaugurated by the Hon. Ravi Karunanayake MP Minister of Commerce & Consumer Affairs on 27th November 2002 at 0930 hrs. The MOBITECH is a mobile computer laboratory equipped with computers and other training support facilities. The mobile unit is to operate primarily at different spacial locations where Mahapola is held. Programs are to be over a period of 10 days at one particular location.
The course on IT applications and the program to disseminate IT awareness using the MOBITECH, are two projects of ICGAT, supported by The Mahapola Higher Education Scholarship Trust Fund.
200.   59th Annual Sessions of the SLAAS       Posted: 24/11/2003
The 59th Annual Sessions of the Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science will be held from 9th to 13th December 2003. The focal theme for this year is Science is for the People. The ceremonial inauguration will be held at the BMICH on 9th December 2003 commencing at 1500 hrs. The remaining sessions will be held at the SLAAS, the Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka and at the Department of Meteorology.
199.   Sri Lanka wins 7th SAARC Television Quiz       Posted: 20/11/2003
Sri Lanka won the 7th SAARC Television Quiz which was held in Karachi,Pakistan on 17th November. The Sri Lankan Team comprised of Tharanga Mahakumarage of the Department of Electrical Engineering , University of Moratuwa and Asela Olupeliyawa of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo. We are proud of the achievement and our congradulations go to them.
Sri Lanka scored 245 point to win the quiz by a handsome margin, and received the highly crafted trophy. The runners-up and the 3rd place winning teams were from Pakistan and Nepal scored 180 and 170 respectively. The Sri Lankan contestants also made the highest individual scores in the quiz.
This quiz was organized by Pakistan Television(PTv) and the SAARC secretariat.
The quiz is due to be aired on PTv in Prime time on Friday and will be aired in all other 6 SAARC countries later under the SAARC Audio and Visual Exchange Programme(SAVE).
Sri Lankan team was accompanied by Mr Sugath Watagedara, Director Genaral (Education), SLRC.
The information for the news item has been provided by Mr Tharanga Mahakumarage (010215, Level 3, Electrical)
198.   Inaugural Meeting of the Inventors and Innovators Society       Posted: 20/11/2003
The Inaugural Meeting of the Inventors and Innovators Society of the University of Moratuwa was held today, 20th November, commencing at 1140 hrs at the Mechanical Engineering Seminar Room. Dr M A R V Fernando was elected as the first President and Mr B S Samarasiri was elected as the Senior Vice President of the Society. The membership of the Society is open to all students, academic staff, non-academic staff, and graduates from the University of Moratuwa. Among the other senior staff present were Prof Malik Ranasinghe and Prof Rohan Lucas.
197.   Priyantha appointed Director General of Public Utilities Commission       Posted: 18/11/2003
Professor Priyantha Wijayatunga, Professor in Electrical Engineering has been appointed as the first Director General of the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka with effect from 8th December 2004. Priyantha is well qualified to take up the new challenge having already established the first Faculty of Information Technology in any University in Sri Lanka. We are very happy for him, but are sorry to loose his services for a further period away from the department.
196.   Level 4 Annual Registration & Academic Registration Semester 2       Posted: 17/11/2003
  • The SAR/Examinations & Academic has notified that the Annual Registration for the academic year 2003/04 for the BSc Engineering 2000/01 batch is now on. Registration may be made on or before the 28th November 2003 on payment of a registration fee of Rs 100/= to the University Shroff. This registration must be done with the examinations & academic branch.
  • The deadline for the academic registration for Level 4 Semester 2 and June term have been extended up to Tuesday 2nd December 2003. This registration must be done with the undergraduate studied division.
195.   Level 2 & Level 3 Registration Semester 1       Posted: 11/11/2003
The Level 2 and Level 3 registration for the semester 1 of the academic year 2003/04 have been put on the web. Please check and inform if there are errors or omissions.
194.   Level 4 Registration - Closing Date 15 November 2003       Posted: 11/11/2003
This is just a reminder to Level 4 students, who recently completed their industrial training, that the closing date for Level 4 registration is 15th November 2003.
193.   International Conference of Information and Automation       Posted: 11/11/2003
An International Conference of Information and Automation is scheduled to be held in Colombo, Sri Lanka from the 16th to the 20th December 2005. This is organised by Dr Thrishantha Nanayakkara, on behalf of the Industrial Automation Research Centre of the University of Moratuwa.
192.   University of Moratuwa breaks a 28 year long Winning Streak by UoC in Tennis
        Posted: 11/11/2003
The University of Moratuwa (UoM) Tennis Team created history when they beat the University of Colombo (UoC) at the Inter-University Tennis Tournament 2003 finals on the 28th September 2003 at the UoM tennis courts, to emerge Inter University Tennis champions for the Robert Jayasuriya challenge trophy and end the 28 year long winning streak of UoC.

The UoM team led by Suresh Cooray and guided by their coach Mr.Ricardo De Fonseka did well to convincingly defeat the UoC team which included Chamara Wijesinghe a former national player, with a match score of 3-1.

191.   International Congress on Small Hyro Power       Posted: 10/11/2003
Dr Nishantha Nanayakkara Senior Lecturer in Electrical Engineering will lead the Sri Lankan delegation of about 15 persons to the Internation Congress on Small Hydro Power to be held in Kerala, India from 11th to 16th November 2003. Dr Nanayakkara will also make the country presentation on Small Hydro Power developments, Small Hydro Power Implementation, and village hydro power projects. Among the other delegates is Prof Priyantha Wijayatunga who will give a presentation on Policy Matters. The Congress is open to developers, Manufacturers and consultants and is sponsored by UNIDO.
190.   Certificate Award Ceremony of the course Programming in C++       Posted: 07/11/2003
The Certificate Award Ceremony of the course Programming in C++ with Object Oriented Techniques and WIN 32 Applications conducted by the Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Moratuwa will be held on 7th November 2003 at the Electrical Engineering Seminar room at 1630 hrs. The course was taught by Mr Anusha Ganegoda (computer science & engineering graduate. The following students who have completed the course will receive certificates.
Amarasekera PASD, Amarasinghe D, Atapattu T, Faizal CM, Gnanarathna UN, Jayasekara AGBP, Jayasundera JMKE, Jeyashanker S, Lakmal DAN, Rajapakse HWDZ, Rathnayake RMJ, Silva AGP, Siriwardana SAPC, Susewhewa DL, Thotawatta RT, Thushara HK, Thushara RMHL, Wanaguru DC, Wickramasinghe AS, Wickramathilaka GAMD, Yapa KI, Yasapalitha TJE
P.S. The award ceremony was graced by the Lecturer - Mr Anusha Ganegoda, the Course Co-ordinator - Dr Nalin Wickramarachchi and the Head/Electrical Engineering - Prof Rohan Lucas.
189.   Fourth Workshop on Lightning Protection - 2003      Posted: 06/11/2003
The Fourth Workshop on Lightning Protection - 2003, jointly organised by the the IEE Sri Lanka and the Institute of Physics, Sri Lanka, is sheduled to be held at the Hotel Galadari, Colombo on Thursday 18th December 2003. More details of this will be made available in due course.
188.   Mr A C T Mahakumarage to represent Sri Lanka at the 7th SAARC TV Quiz
       Posted: 06/11/2003
Mr A C T Mahakumarage , Level 3 student specialising in Electrical Engineering, has been selected to represent Sri Lanka at the 7th SAARC TV Quiz to be held in Karachchi on 17th November 2003. The Deputy Director General (Educational Programme) of the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation has informed me that the event is organised by the SAARC Secretariat, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation. Our Best Wishes go to him for success at the Quiz.
187.  Pictures of enite 2003      Posted: 03/11/2003
Some pictures of E-nite 2003 have now been put on the web.
186.   Web Page Appearance      Posted: 03/11/2003
From 1 November 2003 the appearance of the news page has been slightly changed. Any comments ?

October 2003

185.   Talk by B SubbaReddy on Pollution induced flashover
B SubbaReddy Posted: 30/10/2003
B SubbaReddy, B.E (Electrical), MBA & MSc.Engg (IISc), Department of High Voltage Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India will deliver a talk on A BASIC EXPERIMENTAL APPROACH TO POLLUTION-INDUCED FLASHOVER PHENOMENA ACROSS CERAMIC INSULATORS as part of the EESoc Lecture Series on Tuesday 25th November 2003 from 1330 hrs to about 1430 hrs followed by a discussion at the Electrical Engineering Seminar Room. He will be in Sri Lanka on 24th and 25th, on his way to the International Power Engineering Conference in Singapore from 27th to 29th Nov 2003. 184.   Await the 19th Curse a.k.a. Christmas santa with computer gift/Haloweenwitch on broom        Posted: 27/10/2003 On 31st October, Computer Engineering persons (including many Electrical, and Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering students) will be celebrating the 19th Curse also known as Christmas, while the rest of the world will be celebrating Haloween. This is because those who are in the computer field are well aware that "Curse 19" (Hex 19), Christmas (Dec 25) and Haloween (Oct 31) are computationally identical. They are said to prefer Christmas (when they get gifts of a computer or computer parts) to "Haloween" or "Curse 19" (as they do not like witches or their spells). Editors'sNote: If you do not understand this, or at least OCT 31 or DEC 25 or HEX 19, you should not expect to understand the internal working of a computer - click here.

183.   Public & Bank Holidays for 2004
         Posted: 21/10/2003

The Public & Bank Holidays for the year 2004 as approved by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Provincial Councils and Local Government under the Holidays Act have now been published in our site. A link will be permanently available at the bottom of this news page.

182.   Change in Telephone Number Area Codes
         Posted: 18/10/2003

The Area Codes for Colombo (which includes Moratuwa), Kandy and Galle will change for fixed phone operators under the 10 digit number plan introduced by the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (TRC) of Sri Lanka. Callers dialling from within a given geographical area will not have to dial these codes.
Area New Area Code International Code Old Area Code
Colombo 011 + 94 11 01
Kandy 081 + 94 81 08
Galle 091 + 94 91 09

Sri Lanka Telecom numbers have been changed accordingly with effect from 18th October 2003 (today).
Suntel numbers and Lanka Bell numbers will also be brought under the geographical national numbering plan with effect from 8th November 2003.
The new codes for Colombo, Kandy and Galle will be as follows.
Area Sri Lanka Telecom Suntel Lanka Bell
New Code Old Code New Code Old Code New Code Old Code
Colombo 011 2XXXXXX 01 XXXXXX 011 4YYYYYY 074 YYYYYY 011 5ZZZZZZ 075 ZZZZZZ
Galle 091 22XXXXX 09 XXXXX 091 4YYYYYY 074 YYYYYY 091 5ZZZZZZ 075 ZZZZZZ

181.   National Best Quality Software Awards 2003
         Posted: 17/10/2003

The project "SmartCamBCR" has been selected as the best among the University-level category at the National Best Quality Software Awards 2003 and was awarded the Gold Trophy by the Vice President of the British Computer Society (BCS) on Saturday October 11, 2003 at Colombo Plaza.
SmartCamBCR is an intelligent barcode reader which enables reading barcodes using your ordinary PC. It's fast and accurate algorithm will detect and read automatically when a barcode is present in front of the low-resolution CCD camera (e.g. webcam) which is acting as the only input device.
A research paper "A low-cost optical barcode reader using a web-cam" was published in ERU Symposium 2003.
The members of the Project Group are E. G. Ruwan Janapriya, P.A. Kosala G. Pannipitiya, A.G.K.M. Anuruddha Gamakumara and K. G. Lasantha I. Kularatne.
The Project was supervised by Mr. Chathura de Silva and Dr. Nalin Wickramarachchi.

180.   Launch of the Electric Vehicle - an update
         Posted: 17/10/2003

The Solar assisted electric vehicle, designed and constructed by the Automobile laboratory in association with KOICA was launched in the presence of a distinguished gathering. Photos of the launch and design details have been put on the web.

179.   Selections to MEng/PGDiploma Course 2003
         Posted: 16/10/2003

23 persons have been selected to follow the MEng/PG Diploma Course in Electrical Engineering due to commence on Friday 31 October 2003.

178.   Future Engineer 2003
         Posted: 16/10/2003

The the Career Guidance Unit of the University, in association with the Rotaract Club of the University of Moratuwa, is organising the Future Engineer 2003 for 100 selected students at Level 3 on Saturday 18th October 2003 to improve the soft skills of undergraduates.
The programme will cover some important aspects needed in the career development of an engineer, such as Communication and Interpersonal skills, Management skills, Negotiation skills and Creativity.

177.   Offical Launch of Solar Assisted Electrical Vehicle
         Posted: 16/10/2003

The Solar Assisted Electric Vehicle designed and constructed by the Automobile Engineering Laboratory of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Moratuwa in association with KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency) will be officially launched by His Excellency Mr Lee Nam Soo, Ambassador to the Republic of Korea, as the chief Guest on Thursday 16th October 2003, in front of the new Classroom Block, at 1100 hrs. The electric vehicle is the efforts of the staff and students of the department and a Korean Overseas Volunteer (Mr Hyen Chul Jang).

176.   EESoc Award for the Best Final Year Project         Posted: 15/10/2003

The Final Year Projects in the Electrical Engineering Stream which were demonstrated on 13th October and presented on 15th October to staff and students, was evaluated by a panel consisting of 7 Senior Academic Staff (Prof Rohan Lucas, Prof H Sriyananda, Dr J P Karunadasa, Dr Ranjit Perera, Dr Nalin WIckramarachchi, Dr Nishantha Nanayakkara, Dr Thrishantha Nanayakkara) of the department of Electrical Engineering on 15th October. Due to the high quality of the projects, it was with a lot of deliberation that the Best Project was selected for the EE Soc Award.

Implementation of Electronic Governer Control System

  • Amarasiri KPPM
  • Chinthaka AK
  • De Silva GR
  • Damayanthi RMT
The Project was supervised by Dr. Nishantha Nanayakkara.

The following Projects were placed second and third respectively.

  1. Three Phase Pre-Paid Digital Energy Meter, Gunasekara RMSJ, Gurusinghe DR, Herath WCK, Idamegama RMDCB,    supervised by Prof. Priyantha Wijayathunga and Dr. J P Karunadasa
  2. Software Controlled Multimode Single Phase Inveter, Sumanasekara RMSMB, Sumanasinghe UGA, Suriyaarachchi DHR, Ekneligoda NC ,    supervised by Dr. J.P.Karunadasa and Dr.Naliln Wickramarachchi

175.   Ceylon Electricity Board - Vacancies for Electrical Engineers         Posted: 12/10/2003

"Gates are opened again to join one of the largest and esteemed state sector organisations; the Ceylon Electricity Board (commonly known as the CEB. Make a wish move. Join the group of professionals and give your career a powerful boost. We generate & transmit electricity in the country, and distribute from North to South and from West to East. Our annual turnover is above Rs 50 billion. A team of around 14,000 employees in various grades and disciplines are under the umbrella of the CEB.", so starts the Ceylon Electricity Board advertisement to fill 40 vacant positions for Electrical Engineers. Closing date for applications: 23rd October 2003. [Extracted from the advertisment in the Ceylon Daily News of 8th October 2003.]

174.   Prof Priyantha Wijayatunga visits Bangladesh on a SARI/Energy project of the USAID
    Posted: 06/10/2003    updated 14/10/2003

Professor Priyantha Wijayatunga is now in Dhaka, Bangladesh having just finished a presentation to a group of over fifty Electricity Industry Stakeholders, including the State Minister for Energy in Bangladesh, on the Economic Impact of Poor Power Quality on the Industrial Sector in Bangladesh. He was the lead resource person on this study conducted under the SARI/Energy project of the USAID. A good press coverage was given including BBC Radio and a local TV Channel which interviewed him on this. He will be flying to Kathmandu to enlighten stakeholders there before coming back on the 11th October.

News item in The Bangladesh Today

173.   Final Year Projects 2002/03
         Posted: 06/10/2003

Final Year Projects 2002/03 undertaken by those who entered in 1999 are available. These students will be completing their projects in early 2004.

172.   EESoc Workshop on Maintenance
         Posted: 06/10/2003

A workshop on Maintenance in Electrical Engineering will be held as part of the EESco Workshop Series. The resource persons for the workshop are Mr Elmo Fernando (Overseas Realty), Mr Indradeva Mendis (Overseas Realty), and Mr Anton Peiris (Electro Serve Pvt Ltd).

Venue: Electrical Engineering Seminar Room
Date: Saturday 11th October 2003
Time: 0930 - 1630 hrs

171.   Wednesday Programme on Tuesday 21 October
         Posted: 06/10/2003

To overcome the problems created by a number of holidays during Semester 1 falling on Wednesdays, the Faculty of Engineering has declared that the academic programme for Tuesday 21st October will be that of a Wednesday.

170.   Advances in Microelectronics - course for Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Students
         Posted: 06/10/2003

A half-day course on Advances in Microelectronics : VLSI Technology, CAD Tools and Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (MEMS) for Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Students will be held at the Textile Technology Auditorium on Tuesday 7th October 2003, starting at 1330 hrs. A 2-hour lecture is planned to give an overview of the fascinating world of digital integrated circuits, silicon technology and the modern design methods. The major task in VLSI design is to convert the specific user's needs into an implementable design. A Design House accomplishes this. The University of Moratuwa is planning to launch such a DESIGN HOUSE at its Engineering Design Center. A brief introduction will also be made to the world of MEMS. The lecture will be followed by a discussion session of about 45 minutes.
Dr. Arvind Shaligram, a senior faculty member from University of Pune, India will conduct the course. Dr. Shaligram is on a visit to the Engineering Design Centre of the University of Moratuwa, as a consultant on the ADB Science and Technology Personnel Development (STPD) project supported by Ministry of Science & Technology, Sri Lanka. Dr. Shaligram has a long experience of the electronics design field and has guided several Ph.D. students as well as carried out several industry consultancy projects. He is associated with VLSI design training programs conducted by the University of Pune. He is also a Vice chairman of IEEE Antennas and Propagation /Electron Devices Society Bombay Chapter.
All academic staff, final year students and those awaiting final year results in the Departments of Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering are invited to participate in this course which is conducted free of charge.
A longer course is being separately conducted for those from the Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering Department.

169.   Electrical Nite 2003 - an update         Posted: 04/10/2003

Electrical BannerElectrical Nite 2003 for welcoming the Level 2 students to the department, by the Seniors, took place in a grand scale with banners lining the roadway from the gate to the entrance of the Sumanadasa Building and flames lighting the way from the entrance to the Electrical Engineering Seminar Room.

The evening got underway soon after 7 pm, with the traditional lighting of the oil lamp and very brief speeches by Prof Rohan Lucas and Prof Priyantha Wijayatunga. Among the other Senior Academic Staff members present were Dr Ranjit Perera, Dr Thrishantha Nanayakkara and Mrs Janaki Premaratne. A feast of entertainment had been laid out for the enjoyment of all, even surpassing in quality, the high quality events of the previous years.

mental latipsohA neat souvenir with messages, articles, jokes, cartoons about the batches were distributed to the gathering. One of tohse taht cuahgt my eye was tetild the Pweor of the Hmuan Mnid.
A high class and innovative computer presentation by EUA creations was projected on the wall to welcome the guests. It started with coursework flying from one folder to another and ended with electrical engineering in the form of a sinusoidal wave terminating in a beautifully made 2-D transmission line.

As has been the practice in recent years, a highly creative Drama was enacted by the Level 2 students where patients with various illnesses are brought before the Doctor and the Matron by the attendant to the mental hospital. Among the patients were a pair who had identical prescriptions (probably copied from one another) rolled up in their trouser pockets. Another was plea bargaining with the Doctor about the punishment for coming late.
[More details of the Drama will probably be unfolded in the next few days. The editor is happy to note that a young lady (in saree) took part in the Drama and that a male actor did not have to play the part of the Matron.]

Among the other events which were interspersed between Sinhala and English songs were the following. mada gaseema navathveeme vyaparaya

  • Interviews with Level 2 students about interesting facts in their lives (and not mud slinging mada gaseema). [The interviewers specifically and repeatedly reminded the audience that they wanted to to ban mud slinging in the Universityand eradicate it and that they even hope to get the ban backdated].
  • Selection of E-nite 2003 Award winners sammana pirinameema in the different categories. For each Award, Three prospective nominees were called up to the stage and the judged award winner being presented with the award by the "last year's winner" of the event. Reasons for choice was ably presented by the compeer. The categories were
    1. savapnapathi (the Lord of Sleep)
    2. panipathi (the Lord of Flirts/honey)
    3. kantha guard pathi (the Lord of the Ladies Guard)
    4. gatalupathi (the Lord of Academic Queries)
    5. vishesha coursework sammana (Special Coursework Award)
    6. madhu pathi (the Lord of Drunkards)
    [Note by the editor: names of award winners have been withheld to avoid them being besieged by newspaper reporters, fans and well-wishers] .

The entertainment was followed by the staff and students mingling with each other and followed by a sumptuous buffet dinner. The senior academic staff left at about 1130 pm. The students would have then gone on to enjoy the common DJ with the computer and electronics students which would have gone on to the early hours of the morning.

168.   University Convocation for the Award of degrees         Posted: 02/10/2003

The next University Convocation for the award of degrees has been scheduled for 18th March 2004.

168.   Appointment of New Professors on Merit         Posted: 02/10/2003

Dr Samantha Hettiarachchi and Dr Sohan Wijeyesekera have been promoted to Professors in Civil Engineering by the University Council at its meeting held on 1 October 2003.

167.   EE Level 3 students welcome new EE Level 2 students to the Department
         Posted: 02/10/2003

A Welcome Night has been arranged for the new Level 2 students of the department of Electrical Engineers by their seniors on Friday 3rd October 2003. Academic staff of the department will also grace the occassion.

166.   Ms Kamala Gamage completes MPhil Degree         Posted: 02/10/2003

Ms Kamala Gamage has successfully defended her Master of Philosophy theses on the topic Remote MeterReading over Power Distribution Lines. She has been recommended to the Senate to award the degree with effect from 1st September 2003. Her project was supervised by Dr J P Karunadasa, Dr Ms Dileeka Dias and Dr Aruna Ranaweera.

165.   BScEng Final Year Project Evaluations in Electrical Engineering         Posted: 01/10/2003

The final submission of Final Year Project reports for the BSc Engineering degree has to be on or before the 8th October 2003. Interviews/Demonstrations for these projects are likely to be held on 13th and 15th October 2003. [Please check with Dr Nishantha Nanayakkara for confirmation]

164.   MEng/PG Diploma Course in Electrical Engineering         Posted: 01/10/2003

The Interviews for the selection of Candidates for the Master of Engineering/ Postgraduate Diploma Course in Electrical Engineering is scheduled to be held on Friday 3rd October 2003. All applicants have been called for the interview to be held in the Department of Electrical Engineering.

The course is scheduled to commence on Friday 31st October 2003, and will be held full days on Fridays and Saturdays.

September 2003

163.   ERU Symposium 2003 : Research for Industry
         Posted: 30/09/2003

The 9th Annual Symposium of the Engineering Research Unit of the University of Moratuwa on the theme Research for Industry was held today commencing at 0915 hrs. The Chancellor of the University, Dr Ray Wijewardena was the Chief Guest. 27 papers were presented.

162.   Memorandum of Understanding between Engineering Institutions
         Posted: 29/09/2003

A Memorandum of Understanding was recently signed between the Institutions of Engineers, Sri Lanka - IESL and the Sri Lanka branches of the Institution of Electrical Engineers - IEE, the Institution of Civil Engineers - ICE, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers - IMechE and the Institution of Marine Engineers - IMarE. It will not act as a Federation, but will be a Forum for all their members to act together on agreed topics of common interest.

161.   Extension Buildin g of Faculty of Architecture - an update
         Posted: 23/09/2003

The Extension Building of the Faculty of Architecture was ceremoniously opened by Professor Dayantha S. Wijeyesekera, Vice Chancellor, University of Moratuwa at the auspicious time of 1037 hrs while seth pirith was being chanted, in front of a distinguished gathering of staff and students. The opening of the building was followed by the opening of an exhibition in the building at 1130 hrs.

160.   High Praise for Fresher's design projects at IEE YMS Sri Lanka Sessions 2003
         Posted: 21/09/2003

Thirty-three high quality papers were presented at the Annual Sessions of the Younger Members Section of the IEE Sri Lanka on Saturday 20th September 2003 at the Electronics & Telecommunications Building of the University of Moratuwa.

The judges were unanimous and high in their praise for efforts taken, especially by the undergraduates at the end of their first year of study at the University. They were happy to note that these first year students had paid a great deal of attention to detail, and had come up with working and marketable prototypes, starting from the basic design concepts, within five weeks of the assignment being given. Details included an initial market survey, design, circuit simulation, computer aided drawings, physical process animation, PCB design, PCB manufacture, construction of prototype, cost analysis for mass scale production, marketing strategy, sales brochures, user leaflets, attractive packaging and in one case even a complete web-site to market the product. The Power Point presentations made by the students were also of extremely high quality. These first year projects had been done inorder to fulfil the requirements of Engineering Design and Engineering Skill Development in the degree course.

Among this is the automatic coffee maker shown (together with the packaging), to make coffee automatically at a pre-determined time. Freshly brewed coffee had even been drunk by the university panel during their undergraduate presentation.

159.   Extension Building of Faculty of Architecture
         Posted: 19/09/2003

The Ceremonial Opening of the Extension Building of the Faculty of Architecture will take place on Tuesday 23rd September 2003 commencing at 1005 hrs. The opening will be followed by an exhibition.

158.   YMS Sessions 2003
         Posted: 19/09/2003

The IEE Sri Lanka, Younger Members sessions will be held at the University of Moratuwa in the Electronics & Telecommunications building on Saturday 20th September 2003 - programme of events.

157.   National Leadership Development Seminar 2003
         Posted: 19/09/2003

The National Leadership Development Seminar 2003 - a conference that delivers leadership and interpersonal skills in an effective and interactive way, in unique international atmosphere will take place from October 3rd to 5th in Kabool Lanka Intentional Training Centre in Thulhiriya. Do not miss this development and networking opportunity organised by AISEC in Sri Lanka.
This information has been provided by AISEC in Sri Lanka.

156.      Pahasara - Cultural Festival
         Posted: 18/09/2003

Pahasara, an annual cultural festival organised by the Students Union of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Moratuwa is now on. It commenced on 16th September and will finish today 18th September. Among the events are a "daha-ata sanniya" (or a tradiational Sri Lankan dance of 18 devils), a "vidi natya" (or street drama), a "Rukada Natum" (or puppet show) by a specialist group from Ambalangoda, a "Kathuru unchillawa" (or giant wheel), a "Kavi Maduwa", a Film Festival, a short Drama competition, talks, and finishing tonight with a Musical night with events performed by Engineering Students of this University. Pahasara FM on 96.1 MHz was broadcast throughout the duration of the Festival.

155.   Prof. Mohan Munasinghe Wins Coveted International Award:
         Posted: 18/09/2003

A panel of leading world energy experts has selected Professor Mohan Munasinghe of Sri Lanka to receive the prestigious Adelman-Frankel prize for unique and innovative contributions to energy research, offered by the US Association of Energy Economics/International Assoc. of Energy Economics (USAEE/IAEE). He will be the guest of honour and receive this prize during a formal awards banquet, at the 23rd USAEE/IAEE international energy conference in Mexico City, in October 2003. Extracted from an announcement made by USAEE/IAEE recently.

154.   Naming of Wimalasurendra Auditorium at IESL
         Posted: 17/09/2003

The Auditorium I of the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka will be named Wimalasurendra Auditorium today (17th September 2003) at 1715 hrs in order to pay tribute to one of our great engineers Eng D J Wimalasurendra who has done yeoman service to Sri Lanka. Today is the 129th birth anniversary of this great pioneer.

The President, IESL has requested all academic and academic support staff, third and final year students to participate in this event.

153.   Eng. D J Wimalasurendra Memorial Lecture - 2003
         Posted: 16/09/2003

The Eng. D J Wimalasurendra Memorial Lecture on Opportunities on Power Generation Projects will be delivered by Eng. D R Pulleperuma - Additional General Manager(Commercial & Distribution) Region 3 CEB and Chairman IEE Sri Lanka on Wednesday, 17 September 2003 at 5.15 p.m. at the IESL Auditorium II, 120/15, Wijerama Mawatha, Colombo 00 700. The Lecture has been organised by the Electrical Engineering Section of the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka.

152.   World Energy Council Executive Assembly 2003
         Posted: 15/09/2003    Updated 16/09/2003

Professor Priyantha Wijayatunga is presently in Kyiv (Kiew), Ukraine attending the World Energy Council Executive Assembly 2003 as a member of the government delegation. He has made a presentation to the assembly, together with another delegate, on the 14th September aimed at attracting the WEC-EA 2005 to Sri Lanka.

Update:Professor Priyantha Wijayatunga writes from Kiew
"We have won the bid to host the World Energy Council Executive Assembly 2005 in Sri Lanka. There will be over 300 delegates coming from over 65 countries all over the world. These delegates will include some of the topmost leaders in the energy sector in respective countries. It is going to be a big energy sector event and will be huge boost to Sri Lanka Energy Sector."

151.   IEE Sri Lanka Annual Sessions - 2003
         Posted: 15/09/2003

Tenth Annual Conference of IEE Sri Lanka will be held at Hotel Galadari, Colombo on Saturday 27th September 2003. The Programme consists of three sessions with the inauguration commencing at 1300 hrs. Session A will consist of 7 papers of common interest, while Session B and Session C will be held in parallel and consist mainly of Power and Electronics, Communications and Computers respectively.

IEE Sri Lanka will hold the 67th Annual General Meeting and Dinner on Friday 26th September 2003 at Hotel Galadari, Colombo.
Presentation of Certificates to participants of Short Courses conducted in 2003 will take place from 4.30pm to 5.00pm. The AGM will commence at 5.15pm.

150.   Prof E.O.E.Pereira Memorial Lecture 2003
         Posted: 15/09/2003

Mr. V.R.Baghirathan Regional Director, Halcrow Group Ltd, Consulting Engineers, UK delivered the Prof EOE Pereira Memorial Lecture on The Value of Partnership in Development at the Institution of Engineers on Friday, 12th September at 5.30 pm.

149.   ADB Scholarships in Electrical Engineering
         Posted: 08/09/2003

The following postgraduate students have been funded by the ADB Scholarship Program under the Science and Technology Development Project.
  1. Ms Lidula N Widanagama Arachchige, Full-time MSc degree
  2. Mr W D Asanka S Rodrigo, Full-time MSc degree
  3. Mr V. Kumarathasan, Full-time MSc degree
  4. Mr A. Aravinthan, Full-time MSc degree
  5. Mr V. Aravinthan, Full-time MSc degree

148.   Next MEng/PGDip Course in Electrical Engineering
         Posted: 05/09/2003

Applications are been invited for the M.Eng./Postgraduate Diploma Course in Electrical Engineering due to commence in November 2003. Closing date for applications is 20th September 2001. See the Advertisement for details.

147.   ERU Symposium rescheduled
         Posted: 05/09/2003

The ERU Symposium which was postposted due to circumstance beyond control has now been rescheduled for Tuesday 30th September 2003.

146.   Retirement of Professor GTF de Silva and Professor Lakdas Fernando
         Posted: 05/09/2003

Professor Lakdas Fernando (Textiles) and Professor GTF de Silva (Mathematics) attended their last Faculty meetings in August and September 2003 respectively. At these meetings the Faculty of Engineering appreciated their long and distinguished service to the University and presented them with Plaques. Professor Samantha Hettiarachchi delivered the vote of appreciation on both occassions.

145.   Jeewantha de Silva to proceed to Manitoba for higher studies
         Posted: 05/09/2003

Mr Jeewantha de Silva Probationary Lecturer in Electrical Engineering will be proceeding to the University of Manitoba in Canada to undertake postgraduate studies with Professor Ani Gole. He will be leaving on 7th September 2003.

144.   Web up and working
         Posted: 05/09/2003

The connection to the internet had been blocked for a few days to prevent a virus spreading to other computers on the system. This situation has now been corrected and the system is now back on. Emails sent to us may not have been received by the recepients during this period. However, they should now receive them.

143.   First Year Design/Engineering Skill Development Projects
         Posted: 03/09/2003

The final assessments of the First Year Design/Engineering Skill Development Projects in the electrical engineering field will take place today (Wednesday 3rd September 2003 commencing 1300 hrs at the Electrical Engineering Seminar Room). The final assessments in the electronics & telecommunications engineering, and the computer science & engineering fields will take place on Thursday and Friday respectively.

142.   IEE Sri Lanka new Office Bearers
         Posted: 03/09/2003

The IEE Sri Lanka has just confirmed the office bearers for 2003/2004. Mr DR Pullaperuma will continue to be the Chairman for 2003/2004 and Prof Mrs I J Dayawansa will continue to be the Hony Secretary.

141.   IEE Sri Lanka Website migrated to ""
         Posted: 03/09/2003

TheIEE Sri Lanka Website has just been migrated to, a site at "" in the format of other IEE websites. This site will still be maintained by the IEE Sri Lanka web-master (presently J R Lucas). The location at will not be updated in the future. Please change your link to the new site. The IEE Sri Lanka wishes to thank the Department of Electrical Engineering for hosting the site for many years.

140.   Recommencement of Academic Activities

The academic activities for the Final Part III will re-commence today (Monday 1st September) as the the trade union action which disrupted activities for the past three weeks has been settled.
Academic activities for the remaining batches of the engineering faculty will commence most probably next Monday (8th September). However, left over activities from the June term (such as assessments) may take place this week.

139.   Ruchira Withanage marries Iresha
         Posted: 01/09/2003

Mr. Ruchira Withanage, who is presently undertaking postgraduate studies at the University of Sheffield in the UK, will be marrying Ms Iresha Dharmawansa this evening. Our Best Wishes go to them.

August 2003

138.   HSBC ties up with AIESEC with Employable You Program
         Posted: 26/08/2003

Mr Rukshan Jayaratne of AIESEC has requested me to publicise the fact that Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd (HSBC) has teamed up with AIESEC (an international, voluntary university student-based organization) to break through the myth that Sri Lankan graduates are unemployable by launching an innovative project, "Employable You", recently at the Colombo University ICT Auditorium.

137.   Participation at the International Tea Exhibition
         Posted: 26/08/2003

The University of Moratuwa participated in the International Tea Convention and Exhibition held at the BMICH from 20th to 23rd August 2003 and was allocated stall no. 99. Multimedia and Poster presentations were made at the Exhibition by the
  • Engineering Design Centre - Tea colour separator (also demonstated a working single channel model)
  • Mechanical Engineering - Energy related research on tea withering
  • Chemical Engineering - Research on Fluidised bed dryer
  • Textile Engineeing - Research on Glove for Tea plucking

136.   IEE YMS Sri Lanka Annual Paper Presentations

The Annual paper presentations of the IEE YMS Sri Lanka has had to be postponed, due to unavoidable circumstances. It will now be held on Saturday 13th September 2003 either at the University of Moratuwa premises (or at the IESL premises).

135.   Renumbering of Telephones

On 16th August Sri Lankan Telecom (SLT) implemented the next phase of the 10 Digit Number Change directive of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL).Press Release

The number changes carried out on 16th August are of significant importance involving nearly 350,000 SLT numbers in Colombo (01 Area) exchanges. All the SLT numbers starting with digits 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 were changed by adding the digit 2 in front of the existing numbers. (In fact all Colombo SLT numbers now have 7 digit telephone numbers and 9 digit national numbers from 16th August).

Consequently, the University of Moratuwa telephone numbers from Sri Lanka Telecom will now be of the form 265xxxx or 01 265xxxx or +94 1 265xxxx instead of the earlier 65xxxx or 01 65xxxx or +94 1 65xxxx.

134.   ERU Symposium 2003 Postponed

The ERU Symposium 2003 scheduled to be held on 19th August 2003 has been postponed due to unavoidable circumstances.

133.   Talk by Dr Rohan Munasinghe
         Posted: 18/08/2003

Dr Rohan Munasinghe delivered a talk on Implimentation of a generic internet based telerobotic system on Thursday 7th August 2003 at the Electrical Engineering Seminar Room. The talk was organised by IARC in collaboration with EESoc.

132.   Are You Ready/Careers Day 2003
         Posted: 18/08/2003

The Are You Ready/Careers Day 2003 programme at the University of Moratuwa was held at the University of Moratuwa for the 7th consecutive time on Friday 15th August 2003. The Chief Guest for the ocassion was Dr Wicrema Weerasooriya, Advisor to the Ministry of Tertiary Education and Training. The Chancellor of the University, Dr Ray Wijewardena also graced the ocassion. This year, in addition to the 30 or so companies holding interviews (mock/real) for the graduands, 10 companies also displayed their products in stalls erected for the purpose in the University Grounds.

The event was organised by the Rotaract Club of the University of Moratuwa in collaboration with Career Guidance unit and the University-Industry Interaction Cell. The Project Chairperson who guided the event was Rotaracter Vindhya Jayasekera.

131.   High Voltage Open Day at Peradeniya
         Posted: 18/08/2003

The High Voltage Open Day at the Engineering Faculty Peradeniya was organised by the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and the Engineering Design Centre of the University of Peradeniya in collaboration with ALSTOM Transmission & Distribution, and the Chalmers University of Technology on Friday 15th August 2003. Among the presentations made were those by Prof Stanislaw Gubanski (Chalmers University) and Phillips Cartiwright(ALSTOM T&D). Around 70 participated in the event.

130.   University Swimming Meet
         Posted: 08/08/2003

The University Swimming Meet will be held on Sunday 10th August 2003.

129.   Academic Masters' Tennis Championship 2003
         Posted: 08/08/2003

The Academic Masters' Tennis Championship 2003 has been organised for the first time by the University of Moratuwa for students of Institutes of Higher Education in Sri Lanka. The tournament will take place on 9th, 10th and 11th of August 2003 starting at 0800 hrs at the University of Moratuwa Tennis Courts. Men's and Women's singles and doubles events will be held.

128.   Ceremonial Opening of Class Room Complex
         Posted: 07/08/2003

The Class Room Complex was ceremonial opened today at the auspicious time of 1037 hrs by Mr Saman Ediriweera the Secretary to the Minister of Tertiary Education and Training,who incidently laid the foundation stone 17 months ago, at the invitation of the Vice Chancellor, Professor Dayantha Wijeyesekera. The 3 Deans, the Director/ITUM, and Heads of Departments and Divsions were among the distinguished gathering present.

The Class room complex has 7 class rooms which can accomodate 50 student each (two of which can be combined to a single class room if necessary), a computer room and also locates the Student Councellor's Office and the Career Guidance Unit.

127.   Lectures by visiting Academics from Sheffield, UK
         Posted: 07/08/2003

Three visiting academics from UK presented the following lectures at University of Moratuwa on Wednesday 6th August 2003 in the Electronic & Telecomunications Engineering Seminar Room starting at 1630 hrs.
  • The new Engineering Council (UK) Specification for the academic formation of Professional Engineers by Dr. David. E. Eaton, Director, School of Engineering, Sheffield Hallam University
  • Structural Integrity - Whose Responsibility? by Prof Keith. J. Miller, Structural Integrity research Institute, University of Sheffield
  • Industry-University Partnerships-BP Project by Dr. Upul. S. Fernando, Structural Integrity Division, Sheffield Hallam University
The event was jointly organized by the University of Moratuwa Mechanical Engineering Society (UMMES), the Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka (IESL), and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) Sri Lanka Group.

126.   IEE YMS Sessions at Moratuwa
         Posted: 06/08/2003

The Annual Technical Sessions of the Younger Members Section of the IEE Sri Lanka will be held on Saturday 30th August 2003 at the University of Moratuwa. All students and members of the IEE are cordially invited to attend the sessions. High quality papers are expected to be presented as in the recent past.

125.   Dr Ranjit Perera returns after Sabbatical
         Posted: 06/08/2003

Dr Ranjit Perera, who was on Sabbatical Leave in Bremen in Germany returned to the department on 5th August. He will be going back to Germany for two weeksat the end of August to present a technical paper on his work.

July 2003

124.   Meet the Challenge
         Posted: 31/07/2003

Meet the Challenge a professional development programme, organised for engineering undergraduates will be held on Tuesday 5th August 2003 starting at 0900hrs at the Civil Engineering Auditorium. This programme has been organised by the Rotaract Club of the University of Moratuwa in collaboration with the CEO's HR Club.

123.   8th Installation Ceremony of the Rotaract Club
         Posted: 31/07/2003

8th Installation Ceremony of the Rotaract Club of the University of Moratuwa will be held on Friday 1st August 2003 starting at 1800 hrs at the Russian Cultural Club. Rtr Nandini Balachandran will take over as President from Rtr Ranishka Wimalasena.

121.   Are Your Ready - Pre-session
         Posted: 31/07/2003

The Pre-session for the Are Your Ready programme was held on Wednesday 29th July at the Civil Engineering Auditorium. The following guest lectures were made by eminent persons from Industry to prepare the graduands for their future career, and for preparing and educating students appearing for the Inverview Sessions on the Are You Ready/Careers Day programme to be held on August 15th 2003.
  1. How to prepare an effective CV - Mr Amir Ahamed, CEO, Artbox Advertising
  2. How to face an Interview with Confidence - Mr Niranjan de Silva, CEO/Director, Metropolitan Companies
  3. What the industry expects from a graduate - Mr Jayadeva de Silva, Principal Consultant, Human talents Unlimited
  4. Interview Etiquette - Ms Rosemerie Fernandez, Managing Director, Fernandez & Associates

121.   New face to Mechanical Web site...

Edgar Melan of the Mechanical Engineering Web Team has asked me inform my readers of the lauch of the new Mechanical Engineering Web site.

"The new site has the capability of updating the site, Adding News, and A Mechanical Engineering Discussion Forum . The new interface has brought you with dynamic News Page and an internal Search Engine to enhance the browsing capabilities. The downloading time and the colour balance as well as the navigatng the site has improved. Visit and send your comments to the webteam. All comments are highly appreciated."

120.   Seminar on Project Management - IEE Sri Lanka
         Posted: 29/07/2003

An IEE Sri lanka seminar on "Project Management" will be conducted by 3 eminent academics who have specialized on the topic at the VIP Lounge, Hotel Galadari, at 4.30 pm on Tuesday 29th July, 2003.

"The project approach has been the style of doing business in the construction, aerospace and defence industries. However, application of Project Management techniques are being extended to many other industries. For example, the impact of Project Management is most profound in the area of Information Technology".

This seminar will discuss the necessary tools and techniques to become a good Project Manager, with particular emphasis on the application of Time Management and Risk Management in project situations. All of us, especially those in positions of responsibility are going to benefit from the Seminar. Open to all members of the IEE Sri Lanka.

  • Overview of Project Management by Dr. Niranjan Gunawardena
  • Time Management : Prof. Ananda Jayawardena
  • Risk Management: Prof. Malik Ranasinghe

119.   Receives Best Country Presentation Award
         Posted: 29/07/2003

Dr Nishantha Nanayakkara returned on 26th July after attending a training program on "Strengthening Regional Energy Linkage in South Asia" from July 19th 24th in Dhaka, organized by AED (Academy for Educational Development) and sponsored by US-AID and SARIE.

The program was attended by top level policy makers and decision makers of the energy field of South Asia, mainly from the Power and Gas sector.

Nishantha led the Sri Lankan delegation and made a country presentation for which they received the best country presentation award.

118.   IEE Faraday Lecture Screening at Moratuwa
         Posted: 29/07/2003

The 2003 IEE Faraday Lecture Fighting Crime with Science will be shown at the University of Moratuwa on Thursday 31st July 2003 commencing 1600 hrs. All computer science & engineering, electrical engineering, and electronic & telecommunication engineering students and all others are welcome to attend this video/CD presentation. The presentation has been arranged by the Younger Members Section of the IEE Sri Lanka at the University of Moratuwa.

117.   Autonomous Car Control for Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems
         Posted: 29/07/2003

I have just received an update on the above talk. The talk by Dr Sisil Kumarawadu of the Intelligent Transportation Systems Research Center of the Department of Electrical and Control Engineering, National Chia - Tung University, Taiwan, was organised by the Industrial Automation Research Centre of the University of Moratuwa in collaboration with the EESoc at the Electrical Engineering Seminar Room on Thursday 24th July 2003.

116.   " ARE YOU READY..?" - CAREERS DAY - 2003
         Posted: 25/07/2003

"Are You Ready..?" program of the University of Moratuwa is organized by the Career Guidance Unit and the University-Industry Interaction Cell in collaboration with the Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa. This event is planned with the main objective of strengthening the relationship between the university, the corporate/state sector and the undergraduates.

115.   Talk by Dr Sisil Kumarawadu
         Posted: 25/07/2003

Dr Sisil Kumarawadu, presently in Taiwan after recently completing his PhD at the Saga University Japan, addressed the staff and students of the department of Electrical Engineering on Automated Vehicles, at the Electrical Engineering Seminar Room on Thursday 24th July 2003 commencing at 1230 hrs.

114.   Formal Opening of Class Room Building Complex
         Posted: 25/07/2003

The formal opening of the New Classroom Building Complex is scheduled to be held at 1025 hrs (auspicious time at 1037 hrs). All staff of the University have been invited to participate in this event.

113.   Nomination of Professor PDC Wijayatunga for an International (JCI) Award
         Posted: 24/07/2003

Prof Priyantha Cabral Wijayagunga has been nominated to Junior Chamber International's 2002 The Outstanding Young Persons of the World Program (TOYP). He has been nominated in the category of Academic leadership and/or accomplishment.

112.   IESL - Call for papers from Young Members
         Posted: 18/07/2003

The Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka (IESL) has invited Associate Members (below 35 years) and Student Members to submit technical papers at the 97th Annual Sessions to be held in October 2003. Those interested should write to the Deputy Executive Secretary before 15th July (or as early as possible since the date is already passed) indicating the title of the paper, along with an abstract (length 250 words). Selected authors will have to submit their papers by 31st August 2003. For further details please contact Eng (Ms) Arundathi Wimalasooriya. email :

111.   Non-academic staff strike
         Posted: 18/07/2003

The academic activities of the University within the premises came to a halt yesterday (17th July) as the non-academic staff went on strike Daily News news item. Professor Lucas took the opportunity to visit some of the many trainees in industrial placement.

110.   Sinharaja Workshop Award Ceremony
         Posted: 11/07/2003

The Award Ceremony for the participants of the 16th and 17th Annual Sinharaja Workshop, organised by the University of Moratuwa branch of the World University Service (WUS), will be held at 1700 hrs on 16th July 2003 at the Textile Auditorium of the University of Moratuwa. The awards will be given for the best reports submitted at the Sinharaja Environmental Awareness Workshop held in 2002 and 2003.

109.   IEE YMS 2003 - Call for papers
         Posted: 11/07/2003

The Annual Younger Member Sessions of IEE Sri Lanka will be held at the Department of Electrical Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering University of Moratuwa on August 23rd, 2003. This provides a forum for the presentation of undergraduate projects and postgraduate project/research work.

The Secretary, IEE YMS Sri Lanka has invited you to send an abstract of your work before 20th July 2003. For details

An award will be made to the author of the best paper presented at the Sessions on the basis of its content and quality of presentation.

108.   The native mongoose stakes a claim in landmine detection
         Posted: 11/07/2003

The mongoose, who is native to the north of Sri Lanka where the mine fields are located, has good olfactory powers and can be trained to sniff plastic explosives. He is thus claiming his place in the University of Moratuwa IARC led research on land mine detection over the rat and the pig. A bionic Mongoose could tranmit the locations of detected landmines through wireless communications to remote monitors who could then remove the mines using remotely controlled robots.

107.   Presentation by Ms Elizabeth Rose
         Posted: 11/07/2003

Ms Elizabeth Rose Dean-Academic Development and Quality Assurance of the London College of Fashon who is in Sri Lanka as a guest of the Department of Textile and Clothing Technology, University of Moratuwa, make a presentation on Educating the workforce - Changing structures in Fashion Education at the British Council on Friday 11th July 2003.

106.   IEE Sri Lanka Visits the Colombo Dockyard
         Posted: 11/07/2003

Members of the IEE Sri Lanka visited the Colombo Dockyard on Saturday 5th July 2003. This was a sequel to the lecture given by Mr Yapa the General Manager of Colombo Dockyard to the IEE Sri Lanka on Manufacture of boats at the Hotel Galadari on June 24th.

The visit was well appreciated by all present. They were also taken on a ride around the harbour in a boat built by Colombo Dockyard. They were also able to visit the Indian Oil Rig which was in the dry docks for maintenance.

105.   Level 2 - Non-Technical Modules - June 2004
         Posted: 09/07/2003

In the new undergraduate course, students are required to collect at least 4 credits from non-technical modules to graduate. The non technical modules in the Faculty of Engineering are scheduled for a seven week period which will be equivalent to one half of a normal semester, usually around June. The number of credits assigned to a non technical course module is 2. List of Non-technical modules available in June 2004. Students proceeding to Level 2 are requested to register for two of these courses on or before 11 July 2003. They may be given the opportunity to do a third course during the add/drop period in June 2004 depending on demand and availability of courses.

104.   Dr Nishantha Nanayakkara to attend SARI/Energy Programme
         Posted: 09/07/2003

Dr Nishantha Nanayakkara will be participating in the South Asia Regional Initiative for Energy (SARI/Energy) training programme "Strengthening Regional Energy Linkages in South Asia" to be held in Dhaka, Bangladesh from July 19 to 23, 2003. He will be presenting a country paper at this course. The course is sponsored by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Mission and the Academy for Educational Development (AED) in association with the Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology.

103.   CSSL Awards Honorary Life Fellowship to Dr A S Induruwa
         Posted: 09/07/2003

The Computer Society of Sri Lanka, at its Annual Sessions held recently, awarded an Honorary Life Fellowship to Dr Abhaya S Induruwa who was a founder member of the society and actively participated in its affairs for many years.

102.   Rats and pigs to help remove landmines
         Posted: 07/07/2003

At a presentation held on Friday 4th July at the UNDP Mine Action Programme, Dr Thrishantha Nanayakkara, Senior Lecturer in Electrical Engineering at the University of Moratuwa explained how the Industrial Automation Research Centre (IARC) of the University aimed to harness the Olfactory system of rats and pigs to design and implement a cost-effective robotic platform for landmine detection and removal. Other academic staff representing the University on the occassion were Dr Nalin Wickramarachchi, Dr Nishantha Nanayakkara, Prof Indra Dayawansa and Prof Rohan Lucas. Representatives of the Prime Minister's Office, headed by Dr Kulasingham, were also present on the occassion.

Nanayakkara, who returned to the island recently from the Johns Hopkins University, USA was confident of success following recent visits to Jaffna where he had gained first-hand knowledge about mine clearing operations engaged in by the Sri Lanka Army and NGOs. Report in Daily News of 5th July

101.   University of Moratuwa completes Radar Repair Work
         Posted: 04/07/2003

The University of Moratuwa has undertaken and successfully completed the repair of an Air Force radar network recently. [Extracted from a news item from the Daily Mirror dated 4 July 2003]

100.   Presentation on Demining to the UNDP mine action center
         Posted: 03/07/2003

The Industrial Automation Research Centre (IARC) of the University of Moratuwa is undertaking research on Robotic demining. In this regard, a team led by Dr Thrishantha Nanayakkara visited many landmine sites in the north [see picture] of Sri Lanka very recently. First hand information was obtained about present methods of detection and removal [see picture - trained dog, metal detectors] of landmines in Sri Lanka. Three research students are involved in developing a robotic platform [see picture] for demining at the University of Moratuwa.

A presentation on Design and Implementation of a cost effective robotic platform for landmine detection and removal will be made to the UN Mine Action Centre in Colombo by a team from IARC led by Dr Thrishantha Nanayakkara tomorrow.

A preliminary presentation on the same subject was made this arfternoon to staff and students of the University of Moratuwa at the Electrical Engineering Seminar Room.

June 2003

99.   Baby Boy Born to Badra and Jahan
         Posted: 30/06/2003

I just heard the good news that a baby boy has been born to Badra and Jahan Peiris in Hobart, Tasmania on 17th June 2003. Our best wishes go to them.

98.   High Voltage Question Paper and Sample Answers
         Posted: 30/06/2003

The High voltage Question paper held on 23rd June 2003 and the sample answers are now available in pdf form.

97.   150 pens saved from destruction
         Posted: 24/06/2003

Around 150 pens were saved from destruction at the end of the BSc Engineering, Final Part III Examination paper yesterday. The students were expecting a certain Professor to be supervising at the examination yesterday and had planned to break their pens at the scheduled end of the paper on the announcing of Stop Work so that even accidently the pen would not write beyond the scheduled time. The said Professor is said to be very strict in this regard as he does not want those who abuse the system to get an advantage over those who do not. The pens were saved as the said Professor, although he came to the examination hall for a short time, was not present at the scheduled close.

96.   Field Selection
         Posted: 20/06/2003

The field selections of the Engineering undergraduates have been released. The highest demand, as in the recent past, has been for the Electronics & Telecommunications field followed by Computer Science & Engineering and Electrical Engineering. The ranges of Level 1 GPA for these three fields are (3.772 to 4.184), (3.640 to 4.064) and (3.556 to 4.128) respectively. List of Electrical Engineering students

95.   Professor Sriyananda starts work at Moratuwa
         Posted: 20/06/2003

Professor H Sriyananda Senior Professor assumed duties at Moratuwa on Sabbatical leave on 17th June 2003. He will be teaching the modules Advanced CIrcuit Thoery, and perhaps Advanced Electrical Measurements during the next Semester.

94.   International Conference on Computational Intelligence, Robotics and Automation
         Posted: 16/06/2003

Dr. Prahlad Vadakkepat Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the National University of Singapore has requested Chatura de Silva who is due to return to Moratuwa soon, that the International Conference on Computational Intelligence, Robotics and Automation (CIRAS03) be publicised in Sri Lanka. Dr. Prahlad Vadakkepat was the pioneering person who started robot soccer program at NUS. He is also trying to helping to build a robot soccer system at the University of Moratuwa.

Conference details can be found at

93.   Paper Presentation in Germany
         Posted: 16/06/2003

Dr Ranjit Perera, presently on leave in Bremen - Germany, has Two his joint papers accepted for the prestigous International Telecommunications Conference to be held in Berlin from 31st August to 5th of September 2003. He is expected to resume duties in Sri Lanka on 4th August prior to proceeding to the conference.

92.   EESoc Lecture Series - Wind Energy Potential for Electricity Generation
         Posted: 16/06/2003

The EESoc Lecture for June will be delivered by Mr Ariyadasa of the private power projects division of the CEB on Thursday, 19th June at 11.30 hrs at the Electrical Engineering Seminar Room of the University. He will talk on wind energy potential for electricity generation in sri lanka: Hambantota plant experiences. All are Welcome to attend this presentation.

91.   Proposed Changes

With the recent shift of the Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering department to their new building, the present Physics laboratory and its staff is proposed to be brought to Level 3 of the Sumanadasa Building, and officially brought under the control of the Electrical Engineering Department as its Elementary Measurements Laboratory. Physics practicals, where necessary, would continue to be conducted in this laboratory together with other elementary electrical measurements practicals.

With this change, we also welcome Mrs Janaki Premaratne presently Senior Lecturer in Physics & First Year Co-ordinator, and other members of the Staff of the Physics division to our folds.

90.   People in the News - Energy South Asia

In the recent issues of Energy South Asia, the following people from the Energy Sector in Sri Lanka have been featured.
  1. Mr M Zubair, [November/December 2002 issue]
  2. Dr Tilak Siyambalapitiya, [November/December 2002 issue]
  3. Prof Priyantha Wijayatunga, [November/December 2002 issue]
  4. Mr Shavi Fernando, [November/December 2002 issue]

89.   Resumptions & Resignations

Dr. Lalith Gamage has resumed duties as a Senior Lecturer in Electrical Engineering on 2nd June 2003, after spending his Sabbatical Leave as the Managing Director/CEO of SLIIT.

Dr. Lalith Gamage, Senior Lecturer in Electrical Engineering has given his resignation, effective from 3rd June 2003, to resume duties as the Managing Director/CEO of SLIIT on a full-time basis. Dr Gamage leaves the University of Moratuwa after a total period of 22 years as a student and a member of the academic staff. He has decided to hand in his resignation as he feels that it is not fair by the University for him to continue to block a position of Senior Lecturer while occupying the time consuming post of CEO at SLIIT on a part time basis.

88.   New Academic Staff

The Council has given approval for the following academic staff appointments to the Department of Electrical Engineering.

87.   Returns after PhD to Computer Science & Engineering

Dr Sanath Jayasena has returned to Sri Lanka and assumed duties in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering with effect from 2nd June. He has specialised in VLSI design of Processors.

86.    Inauguration of the Orientation Programme
         Posted: 03/06/2002

The Arrival of the new intake for the BSc Engineering degree and the inauguration of the Orientation Programme for the 2002/03(A) Intake of BSc Engineering Students (and the students to the IT Faculty) will take place today 3rd June 2003 at the Civil Engineering Auditorium commencing 0900 hrs. As has been the practice in recent years, the Chief Guest for the occassion will be the President of the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka - Professor Lakshman Ratnayake. The Guest of Honour on this ocassion will be the President of the Computer Society of Sri Lanka - Mr Chandana Weerasinghe. A Programme for the parents of the new students will also take place at the University Gymnasium.

May 2003

85.   Priyantha travels overseas on research study

Professor Priyantha Wijayatunga is on a visit to Dhaka, Bangladesh and Kathmandu, Nepal on the research study. He is engaged, under the USAID South Asia Regional Initiative on Energy (SARI/Enerfy) , on Evaluating the Economic Impact of Power Supply Interruptions to Bangladesh and Nepal Industrial Sectors. He left on the 25th May and will be back on the 31st May.

84.   Academic staff changes - an update
         Posted: 29/05/2003

  • Professor Prinath Dias will be leaving for Vienna on Wednesday 4th June 2003 on sabbatical leave for 2 years.
  • Dr Thrishantha Nanayakkara has returned to Sri Lanka and will start work as a Temporary Senior Lecturer in the Electrical Engineering department with effect from 1st June.
  • Interviews to fill the academic staff vacancies in the department will take place on 4th June 2003.

83.   Seminar on e-Sri Lanka
         Posted: 29/05/2003

A Seminar on "e-Sri Lanka" was organised at the Ceylon Continental Hotel on Tuesday 27th May 2003 by the IEE Sri Lanka jointly with the Computer Society of Sri Lanka. The lead speakers for the seminar were Mr Eran Wickramasinghe, Prof Rohan Samarajeewa and Mr Ana Ponnambalam. Over 100 persons participated in the seminar.

82.   Clarke marooned in exotic island
         Posted: 29/05/2003    Updated: 30/05/2003

Clarke enjoyed a one week challengin holiday (Sunday 17th May to Sunday 25th May) in an exotic island resort on the banks of the Kaluganga. Among the many exotic sports available on the island were rafting, canoeing, river bathing, swimming and diving in waters upto 15 ft (5 m) deep in strong currents. To add to the excitement and challenge, electricity and fresh water supplies had been disconnected for the duration of the holiday. This permitted studies to be done on the use of river currents for the generation of electricity and purification for drinking purposes for those inclined in that direction. The holiday had been granted by courtesy of the gemming town of Sri Lanka. The creators of the island spared no expenses to enhance the quality of this temporary island. They had even dissolved 25,000 hand crafted pre-baked clay bricks available in the premises to get the rich muddy effect to the water.

Editor's correction: Clarke should read as clerk of the department of electrical engineering. Ratna - gem, Pura - town

P.S. The University has collected food, clothing and other materials to be distributed to help rehabilitate those displaced by the recent floods in the Ratnapura, Matara and Kalutara districts in Sri Lanka. The University is also helping to assess the damages caused by the floods and in other relief measures.

81.   Evidence updating in a distributed sensor environment

Associate Professor Kamal Premaratne of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida, USA will deliver a Seminar on Evidence updating in a distributed sensor environment on Wednesday 21st May 2003 at the Seminar Room, 5th Floor of the new Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering Building at 2.00 p.m.

Dr Dileeka Dias has requested me to inform staff, undergraduate and postgraduate students who may be interested.

80.   Overseas Leave - An Update
         Posted: 20/05/2003

Mr LYC Amarasinghe Probationary Lecturer will be leaving for the University of Manitoba in Canada on Wednesday 21st May to undertake postgraduate studies with Dr Udaya Annakage. He received his visa today.

Prof Prinath Dias Associate Professor is intending to leave for Vienna for his Sabbatical Leave on 30th May to undertake an appointment with the International Atomic Energy Agency.

79.   New Internal Telephone numbers
         Posted: 09/05/2003

The internal telephone exchange of the University of Moratuwa was upgraded recently. As a result the internal telephone numbers of all academic and non-academic staff have changed.

The new extensions of the electrical engineering department are as follows.

 Location Extension
 Electrical Engineering Office   3200
 Head/Electrical Engineering - Prof.Rohan Lucas     3201
 Academic Staff Common Room   3210
 Prof. Priyantha Wijayatunga   3224
 Prof. Prinath Dias   3214
 Dr. JP Karunadasa   3217
 Dr. Ranjith Perera (on overseas leave)   3223
 Dr. Nalin Wickramarachchi   3222
 Dr. Nishantaha Nanayakkara   3219
 Lecturers/Instructors Room   3209
 Research Lab/Nuclear Lab   3259
 Machines Lab   3263
 Power System Lab   3272
 Computer Lab   3273 & 3274  
 Wiring Lab   3277
 High Voltage Lab   3288
 Measurement Lab   3289

A fuller list of extensions of the electrical engineering department together with some important numbers from other sections of the University are available.

78.   UNESCO Workshop on Lightning - An Update
         Posted: 08/05/2003

UNESCO Regional Workshop on Lightning held in Colombo was successfully concluded yestereday. 24 particicipants attended the course from South East Asia. The participants were Bangladesh, Butan, India, Malaysia, Nepal and Sri Lanka. The Workshop was organised by the University of Colombo with sponsorship from UNESCO New Delhi. The workshop was co-ordinated by Dr Chandima Gomes (University of Colombo). Among the resource persons were Prof. Wolfandale, Dr. Chandana Jayaratne, Dr. Ranjith Lelwala, Mr. K. A. Bandara, Prof. Ravindra Arora, Dr. I.M.K. Fernando, Dr. Basnayake, Prof. Jeevan Hoole, Dr. Manjula Fernando, Dr. I.M.K. Fernando, Prof. Rohan Lucas, Dr Chandima Gomes, Mr. Rienzi Fernando, Mr. Karunaratne.

77.   Dr Amith Munindradasa appointed Head of Electronics & Telecommunication Eng
         Posted: 08/05/2003    Updated: 09/05/2003

amith dileeka Dr Amith Munindradasa has been appointed as the Head of the Department of Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering. He succeeds Dr Ms Dileeka Dias who gave her resignation in April after leading the department for over three years culminating with the openning of the new Electronics building on 8th April 2003.

Dr Munindradasa completed his doctoral studies at the University of Liverpool on Electronics devices.
Dr Munindradasa's current research interests include Semiconductor materials, wildlife related electronics, mechatronics, automotive electronics and acoustics.

In addition he actively participates in Wild Life Conservation activities in Sri Lanka and an ardent photographer.

76.   Professor in Civil Engineering
         Posted: 08/05/2003

niranjanieProf Mrs Niranjanie Ratnayake was promoted as a full Professor in Civil Engineeing on merit by the University Council at its meeting held on 7th May 2003.

Her speciality is Environmental Engineering within the Civil Engineering Discipline.

She also currently holds the post of Director of Post Graduate Studies at this University.

April 2003

75.   Design of Electrical Installations Course - 9th Intake
         Posted: 24/04/2003

The IESL in association with the IEE Sri Lanka will be commencing the Design of Electrical Installations Course for the 9th time on Saturdays from 26th April to 21st June 2003 at the IESL Seminar Room. This course has been in very popular demand since its inception and has always been oversubscribed.

74.   General Convocation for Award of Degrees - An Update
         Posted: 24/04/2003

The General Convocation for presentation of Graduands to the Chancellor took place yesterday at the BMICH, Colombo in two sessions.

In the morning session, 4 postgraduate diplomas and 36 degrees were awarded in Quantity Surveying, and 405 degrees were awarded in the Engineering disciplines. Among these were 49 Electrical Engineering graduates.

[Picture shows some of the Electrical Engineering graduates posing with the Professor Rohan Lucas and Dr Nalin Wickramarachchi immediately after the ceremony]

In addition, 8 awards of academic distinction were made. Among these were

  • Professor Ted Parish Award in Electrical Engineering to D M P Anuradha Dissanayaka
  • UNESCO Team Gold Medal Award to T R Elvitigala from the Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering field

The Convocation Address was delivered by the Chancellor Vidyajothi Dr Ray Wijewardena in both sessions.

In the afternoon session, 87 Master's degrees and 30 postgraduate diplomas were awarded. Among these were 5 (HCS Hettigoda, GM Prasantha, KKAC Samarasinghe, DDP Yasarathna and N Kuruparan) from the electrical engineering stream. There were also 58 degrees awarded in Built Environment, and 366 degrees awarded in the Engineering disciplines. Among these were 45 Electrical Engineering graduates.

In addition, 15 awards of academic distinction were made. Among these were

  • Lanka Tranformer Ltd Award at Master's Level in Electrical Engineering to Ms D G Ajantha K Wijeratna
  • Professor Ted Parish Award in Electrical Engineering to Ms Sankika M K Tennakoon
  • UNESCO Team Gold Medal Award to C H Baranasuriya from the Computer Science & Engineering field

73.   LYC Amarasinghe to leave for Postgraduate studies to Manitoba, Canada
         Posted: 17/04/2003

Mr L Y C Amarasinghe, Probationary Lecturer in Electrical Engineering will be leaving for the University of Manitoba in Canada on 3rd May 2003. He will be undertaking his postgraduate studies under the direction of Professor Udaya Annakkage.

72.    Happy Sinhala & Tamil New Year
         Posted: 11/04/2003

A Happy Sinhala and Tamil New Year to all of my readers.

71.   Relinquishes duties as Head of Department
         Posted: 11/04/2003

Dr Mrs Dileeka Dias has given in her resignation as Head of the department of Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering with effect from Friday 11th April 2003 [last day of current Semester]. When her previous term of office completed in mid 2002, she agreed to stay on till the completion of the New Electronic building which was recently ceremoniously opened on 8th April 2003.

70.   Some Pictures of the Electronics Building Opening
         Posted: 08/04/2003

Some Pictures of the Opening of the Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Building on Tuesday 8th April 2003.

69.   Bolgoda Scull Regatta 2003
         Posted: 07/04/2003

The Bolgoda Skull Regatta 2003 was organised by the University of Moratuwa Rowing Club on Saturday 5th April 2003 at the picturesque Bolgoda Lake, with the races ending up at Ranmal Holiday Resort. For the first time in Sri Lanka, a Regatta was held over the olympic distance of 2 km. Hitherto, races had to be restricted to 1 km as the Beira Lake did not have a sufficiently long stretch. Further, the new location on the Bolgoda Lake will allow for the first time for multi-lane races to take place, although this year due to lack of boats only two lanes were used.
I wish to congradulate the organisers, including the Chancellor and the Vice Chancellor, for a splendid event where 11 events were worked out during the day, despite numerous obstacles.
The teams which took part in the events are Royal College, St Thomas College, Colombo Rowing Club, Musaeus College, and University of Moratuwa.
The Chief Guest for the event was Vidya Jyothi Dr Ray Wijewardena, and the Guest of Honour was Prof Dayantha Wijeyesekera. Among the other distinguished guest present were Prof Priyantha Wijayatunga, Mrs Jayaweera, Mr Hettiarachchi, Prof Rohan Lucas and Mr Ajith Gunawardena.

68.   UNESCO Workshop in Lightning
         Posted: 07/04/2003

A RegionalWorkshop on Lightning Physics has been organised by the Department of Physics, University of Colombo from 29th April to 07th May 2003. It is funded by the UNESCO, New Delhi with participation by scientists from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives and Sri Lanka. Dr Chandima Gomes of the University of Colombo is the coordinator of the workshop.

Among the speakers for this regional conference are Prof. Wolfandale, Mr. Richard Kithil, Dr. Chandana Jayaratne, Mr. K. A. Bandara, Prof. Ravindra Arora, Dr. I.M.K. Fernando, Dr. Basnayake, Prof. Jeevan Hoole, Dr. Manjula Fernando, Prof. Rohan Lucas, Dr. Chandima Gomes and Mr. Rienzi Fernando.

67.   Opening Ceremony of Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering Building
         Posted: 04/04/2003    Updated: 07/04/2003

electronic building The Opening Ceremony of the Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering Building will take place on Tuesday 8th April 2003 at 0900 hrs under the distinguished patronage of Hon Dr Karunasena Kodituwakku Minister of Human Resource Development, Education and Cultural Affairs as Chief Guest and His Excellency Seiichiro Otsuka The Ambassador of Japan in Sri Lanka and Hon. Kabir Hashim Minister of Tertiary Education & Training as Guests of Honour.
The construction of the building at a cost of about Rs 100 million, and the installation of equipment, worth about Rs 500 million, in the building was successfully completed within a period of 15 months.
The funds for the building was allocated by the Sri Lankan Government and the supply and installation of equipment was obtained through JICA assistance under the auspices of the Japanese Government.

66.   Head, ELTC
         Posted: 03/04/2003

Dr Kapila Perera has been appointed as the acting Head of the English Language Teaching Center (ELTC) with effect from 1st March 2001.

65.   A Happy New Year
         Posted: 01/04/2003/14:00

A Happy New Year to all my Readers. Please accept my belated wishes as I am two hours too late (in Sri Lanka).

March 2003

64.   The Turkish trainee to sue the Level 2 Drama Company
         Posted: 31/03/2003

The Turkish trainee who meticulously build up his trade mark of back to front cap and waist pouch over the last three years was dumb struck when, not only his trade mark rights were infringed by the Level 2 students during their Drama, but even his name was distored to "Handun". He is planning to spend millions in suing the Level 2 students and clearing his trade mark.

63.   EESoc AGM and Get-together
         Posted: 31/03/2003

The EESoc AGM & Get-together held on Saturday 29th March was a resounding success.

The event started with the Sports Carnival in the morning and afternoon - students interbatch 6-a-side Cricket Tournament, followed by a 6-a-sde Cricket tournament involving students, graduates and academic staff in the late afternoon. Among the senior academic staff to take part were Professor Rohan Lucas and Dr Nishantha Nanayakkara, who both scored briskly and heavily, defeating the students by a massive 50 odd runs. This was followed in the early evening by events such as "Kana Muttiya", Tug-of-war, drinking fanta through a baby's sucker, throwing raw eggs over a distance, "andayata kiri kaweema", a relay race, and ending up with "kotta pura". Both senior staff members as well as the graduates and the students took part in almost all the activities. This was followed by the AGM and other events near the Chemical Engineering Quadrangle.

The Chief Guest on the occassion was Professor KKYW Perera Secretary to the Ministry of Power and Energy and the Guest of Honour was Mr M Zubair Chairman, CEB, LECO and LTL. Dr Ray Wijewardena, Professor Dayantha Wijesekera and Professor Malik Ranasinghe had sent in their apologies. All senior academic staff members, except Professor Dias who is due to go abroad shortly, including emeritus Professor S Karunaratne were present.

Formalities of the AGM took place with Dr Nalin Wickramarachchi handing reigns to Dr Nishantha Nanayakkara. This was followed by speeches by the Guest of Honour and the Chief Guest.

The function was compered by Ms Faslina Yaheya and Mr Swetha Perera.

As is customarily, the Level 2 students performed a very high quality Drama titled the "Wedding Festival" - A mud slinging affair. In it the father calls all his 3 unmarried sons and says that he wants to have a common marriage for them. Among the highlights are that

  • the function must take place before the "Bak Festival" and hardly a month to go.
  • approval must be obtained from the grandfather for the function to take place.
  • relatives want the affair to be an outdoor affair and not in a traditional hotel, as had been stated at the wedding of an elder son last year
  • sons want it in an established hotel as has been done by their next door neighbours
  • the bride does not like the outdoor function and runs away when it appears as if it is going to rain
  • "Handun" wants to have a non-stop sing-a-long and dancing after the main wedding function
[Editor's note: The wedding festival smells a lot like the EESoc AGM and get-together where the graduates at the last get-together had indicated that they would rather have the festival outdoors at Moratuwa rather than at a hotel.]

After a sumptious dinner followed by songs, an out-of-the-ordinary fashion show was held. Dresses included in the show includedd those suitable for beauty contests, for daily wear, for modern style veddahs, for mariakade type women ready to cut your throat. There was a lot of oohs and aahs and hooting during this fashion show. This was followed by a non-stop sing-a-long dancing session.

62.   Absentminded Professor takes photos
         Posted: 31/03/2003   Updated: 01/04/2003

A certain Professor was seen taking very many photographs at the function of the month held during the weekend. It appears that most of the photos taken have not come out. It is suspected that it may be due to one of the following facts. The editor of this news item, wishes to apologise to all participants at this prestigious function who were hoping to frame their photographs for posterity. It is suggested that this could form the basis of an original article for the next years EESoc Souvenir

61.   Professor Prinath Dias to take up prestigious post at the IAEA
         Posted: 31/03/2003

Prof. Prinath Dias will be taking Sabbatical Leave from the University of Moratuwa for two years to undertake the post of co-ordinator Asia Pacific Region of the International Atomic Energy Agency in Geneva. We wish him well and hope that he would return to the department at the end of this period. He is due to take up the appointment in mid May.

60.   D P Chandima to leave for Postgraduate studies to Japan
         Posted: 31/03/2003

Mr D P Chandima Probationary Lecturer in Electrical Engineering will be leaving for the Saga University in Japan on a Mombushu Scholarship on 3rd April 2003. He will be undertaking his postgraduate studies under the direction of Professor Watanabe.

59.   Call for Abstracts & Extended Abstracts - SLAAS 2003
         Posted: 24/03/2003

The Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science SLAAS has invited its members to submit Abtracts with relevant documents (Guidelines have been revised for 2003) to be considered for presentation at the 59th Annual Sessions. email:    web site:

58.   Panel discussion On The Upper Kotmale HydroPower Project
         Posted: 24/03/2003

The Institution Of Electrical Engineers, Sri Lanka (IEE Sri Lanka) and The Sri Lanka Association of The Institution of Civil Engineers (SLAICE) held a Join Panel discussion On The Upper Kotmale HydroPower Project on Friday, 21st March 2003 at 5.15 p.m, at The Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka.

Panel Members

  • Dr. A.N.S. Kulasinghe, Past President of SLAICE
  • Prof. Priyantha Wijetunga, Professor in Electrical Engineering, University of Moratuwa
  • Eng. Shavi Fernando, Project Director, CEB
  • Dr. Tilak Siyambalapitiya, Consultant
  • Eng. K.L. Ariyananda, Former Chairman, CEB
  • Eng. M. Chandrasena, Former Secretary, Ministry of Irrigation,Power and Highways

57.   Ceremonial Opening of the New Electronics Building
         Posted: 24/03/2003

The New Building of the department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, equiped with Japanese aid, will be ceremoniously opened on Tuesday 8th April 2003.

56.   IEE Sri Lanka - Senior Members Day - An Update
         Posted: 20/03/2003    Udated: 24/03/2003

The Senior Members Day 2003 of the IEE Sri Lanka was a resounding success with brief talks from their lively careers being given by four of the Past Chairmen of the IEE Sri Lanka, namely
  • Mr H S Subasinghe [held many posts at the Department of Government Electrical Undertakings (DGEU) and its successor the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) rising up to the rank General Manager, Assistant Secretary to the Ministry of Irrigation and Power, and serving as the founder Chairman of LECO],
  • Mr T D M A (Aelian) de Silva [presenlty a Chartered Consulting Electrical Engineer; author of many technical terms in Sinhala; held posts an Engineer at the DGEU, Chief Engineer at Insurance Corporation of Sri Lanka, General Manager of Lanka Transformers Ltd, Chairman of Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation and the Coconut Processing Board],
  • Mr L W de Silva [held many posts at the DGEU and the CEB rising up to the rank General Managerand Vice Chairman; instrumental in the establishment of Lanka Transformers Ltd]. and
  • Mr H E G F (Eardley) de Silva [presently working for International Water Management Institute; engineer at the DGEU and the CEB, General Manager at Richard Peiris & Co and management consultant to Arthur C Clarke Centre].

    The vote of thanks was also given by one of the past Chairmen Prof K K Y W Perera.

  • One of the most Senior Past Chairmen living, Mr Joe Varnakulasinghe's name had been inadvertently left out from the list of invitees to talk about their experiences and will be invited for the next such event. We apologise to him for the error.
  • Mr Hetti Gunawardena who was to be invited for the event passed away recently.

55.   E-Club Annual Forum
         Posted: 17/03/2003

The Annual Forum of the E-Club of the University of Moratuwa will be held at Hotel Taj Samudra on Friday 21st March 2003.

54.   EESoc AGM and Annual get-together
         Posted: 17/03/2003

The Annual General Meeting and the Annual Get-together of the Electrical Engineering Society (EESoc), University of Moratuwa will be held on Saturday 29th March 2003. On a request by the majority of graduates who participated at the last get-together, for nostalgic reasons, the function this year will be moved back to the University of Moratuwa Premises.

53.   Prof R H Paul Memorial Lecture 2003
         Posted: 17/03/2003

Eng. J Karunanayake presented the Prof R H Paul Memorial Lecture on the topic Regulation of Electricity Industry and Performance-based ratemaking at the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka on 9th February 2003.

52.   IEE Sri Lanka - Site Visit to Small Hydro Power Project - Kabaragala
         Posted: 13/03/2003

A Site Visit to a Small Hydro Power Project - Kabaragala has been arranged on Saturday 05 April 2003 by the IEE Sri Lanka. [Location - Medapity Oya in Padiyapelella (off Hanguranketha)]

51.   IEE Sri Lanka - Sen ior Member's Day
         Posted: 11/03/2003

An Ordinary General Meeting of IEE Sri Lanka will be held at the VIP Lounge, Hotel Galadari, at 5.15pm on Tuesday 19th March 2003.

It is a day dedicated for our Senior Members who have served the Institution for many years. The main event of the day will be the Presentation by 4 Past Chairm en of IEE Sri Lanka Branch. They will speak on their Professional Experiences wh ich will be of great value to the membership.

50.   MEng/PG Diploma in Electrical Engineering 2000/2002-Examination Result
         Posted: 11/03/2003

The Board of Examiners for the written examinations of the MEng/PG Diploma in Electrical Engineering 2000/2002 was held today 11th March 2003. Details of results can be obtained from the Co-ordinator. Those who have completed the examinations are eligible to proceed to the research component for the MEng Degree.

49.   Soft Opening of the New Electronics Building
         Posted: 11/03/2003

A simple ceremony to mark the soft opening of the new building for the Department of Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering was held on 6th February 2003. The building was declared open by the Vice Chancellor at 9.57 a.m. after a brief seth-pirith chanting. A grand opening ceremony is planned for early April.
pictures showing the opening ceremony (cutting the ribbon, "Kiri Uthuranawa", "Kiribath"), some members of the staff, some new laboratories and a view from the 5th floor.

48.   Lucas CT Model in Master Library of PSCAD
         Posted: 07/03/2003

Dr. Dharshana Muthumuni has written informing us that the new version of PSCAD has been released for the commercial users. Under new features, is the 'Lucas' Current Transformer model which is now in the official master library of PSCAD. He has attached a screen shot of the 'Help' for that model. He has also informed us that the work that Prof Rohan Lucas initiated during his time in manitoba (1989-90) has led to lots of important work and findings on magnetic core modeling.

47.   Convocation for Award of degrees - 2003 - An Update
         Posted: 07/03/2003

This year the Convocation Ceremony for the Award of degrees of the University of Moratuwa will be held on 23rd April 2003 in two Sessions commencing at 0930 hrs and 1330 hrs respectively.

The morning session will comprise of the 1996/97 Engineering batch (450 graduands), 1996/97 Building Economic batch (36 graduands) and Postgraduands(20) from Building Economics. The evening session will comprise of 1997/98 Engineering batch (413 graduands), 1997/98 Built Environment batch (60 graduands) and Postgraduands(160) from Engineering and Architecture .

46.   AISEC Sri Lanka has been ranked the best in Asia Pacific
         Posted: 06/03/2003

Sri Lanka won three out of the seven awards for excellence in performance in the regional conference of AIESEC held in Indonesia. Sri Lanka won awards for 'Regional Award for Absolute Growth', 'Regional Award for Relative Growth' and 'Regional Award for the 1st in Country Ranking Index'. more..

45.   Temporary Assistant Network Manager
         Posted: 03/03/2003

Mr Rohana Dassanayake has been recruited as a temporary assistant network manager in the Department of Electrical Engineering with effect from 3rd March 2003. Rohana is just completing a Master's degree in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering of this University.

February 2003

44.   Director, Physical Education
         Posted: 27/02/2003

Ms Wimala Jayaweera, presently Director of Physical Education at the Sabaragamuwa University, will be taking over as the Director of Physical Education at the University of Moratuwa with effect from 3rd March 2003.

43.   Head, Department of Mathematics
         Posted: 27/02/2003

Dr M Z M Malhadeen has taken over as the Head of the Department of Mathematics from January 2003 from Dr M Indralingam who was the head for 7 years.

42.   Annual Sessions 2003 Technical Papers for Transactions - CALL FOR PAPERS
         Posted: 27/02/2003

The Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka has invited Members to present their original technical papers at the 97th Annual Sessions to be held in October 2003. The author(s) for the best paper presented at the Annual Sessions will receive the Prof. E O E Pereira Award.

Those who wish to submit technical papers for the Transactions are requested to write to the Executive Secretary indicating the title of the paper and also forward an abstract of the paper on or before the 15th March 2003. Once acceptance is notified the completed paper in triplicate should be sent to reach the IESL not later than the 30th of April 2003.
Guidelines for authors.

41.   International Conference on Application of ICT in Transport Systems - CALL FOR PAPERS
         Posted: 27/02/2003

For the first time an exclusive International Conference on Application of Information & Communication Technology in Transport Systems in a Third World Context has been organized by the Transportation Engineering Division of the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Moratuwa in Sri Lanka.

This conference is to be held from 25th to 26th July 2003 at the beach side hotel, Golden Sun Resort, Kalutara in scenic Sri Lanka.

Dr Saman Bandara has written to me to invite you to submit an abstract for a paper you may wish to present in one of the areas listed above. All abstracts that are accepted for presentation at the Conference would be published as proceedings of the conference. The full papers would be forwarded for refereeing and consideration for publication in a special issue of the Journal of Advanced Transportation.

The linked document provides the information about the conference, accommodation and deadlines for abstracts and full paper. There is a conference registration fee of US$150. The deadline for submission of abstracts is 10th April and the full paper is due on 10th July 2003.

40.   Pictures of the We are With You Programme held in January 2003
         Posted: 27/02/2003

Click here Pictures of the We are With You Programme held in January 2003.

39.   Academic Staff expected in the near future
         Posted: 24/02/2003

Dr Ranjit Perera who is presently on leave in Germany will be returning after sabbatical leave in August 2003.
Professor H Sriyananda is likely to join us in May 2003 on sabbatical leave from the Open University of Sri Lanka.
Dr Thrishantha Nanayakkara who is presently undertaking postdoctoral studies in the US is likely to join us in May 2003.

38.   Categorisation of News
         Posted: 24/02/2003

From the responses I have got, it appears that categorisation of the news is not necessary. As such I have stopped the practice after January.

37.   Professor Priyantha Wijayatunga visits Bangladesh
         Posted: 24/02/2003

Professor Priyantha Wijayatunga left for for Dhaka, Bangladesh on February 22nd to provide expert advice to a project under SARI/Energy of USAID on Evaluation of the Economic Impact of Power Shortages in Bangladesh. He will be in Dhaka till the 28th February.

36.   Student Paper to be presented in Tokyo
         Posted: 24/02/2003

Mr Kanchana Siriwardena who graduated last year and now working as a Research Assistant to Professor Priyantha Wijayatunga on an AIT/SLEMA Project on Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Power Sector, will be presenting a paper based on his undergraduate project at the Annual General Meeting of the World Student Community for Sustainable Development to be held in Tokyo. (March 19 - 22, 2003 Tokyo University, Japan). His abstract is available.

35.   Professor Priyantha Wijayatunga Triangular Cricket Tournament
         Posted: 21/02/2003    Updated: 25/02/2003

The University of Moratuwa Cricket team has organised a Triangular Cricket Tournament to be held from 27th February to 4th March 2002 at the University of Moratuwa Grounds. The teams who will be taking part are University of Colombo, University of Ruhuna and University of Moratuwa. The Challenge trophy has been donated by Professor Wijayatunga and the man of the series award has been given by Professor Rohan Lucas. There will also be 3 awards for the man of the match in each game. The inauguration will take place on Thursday morning at 0745 hrs.

34.   Academic Staff vacancies - Electrical Engineering
         Posted: 21/02/2003

The Registrar, University of Moratuwa will entertain applications from suitably qualified persons up to 10th March, 2003 for the undermentioned Posts in the Department of Electrical Engineering, FACULTY OF ENGINEERING.
  • Professor [B-01]
  • Senior Lecturer Grade I [B-03(a)]
  • Senior Lecturer Grade II [B-03]
  • Lecturer (Probationary) [B-04]
Applications would be entertained from suitably qualified persons for appointment as Senior Consultants/Consultants/Junior Consultants on a part-time basis in the absence of candidates for appointment on a full-time basis.

Notice calling for applications. An application form is available.

33.   IEE Sri Lanka Workshop for School Children -2003 - Update 2
         Posted: 21/02/2003

The Academic Staff and students of the Departments of Electrical Engineering, Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering, and Computer Science & Engineering of the University of Moratuwa conducted the 2nd Workshop for Schools on 20th February at the University Premises on behalf of the IEE Sri Lanka. Around 150 advanced level school children from 10 schools from the Southern Province and about 15 teachers participated in this one-day workshop.

Mr D R Pullaperuma Chairman, IEE Sri Lanka, Prof Malika Ranasinghe Dean/ Engineering, Prof Priyantha Wijayatunga Dean/Information Technology, Prof Mrs Indra Dayawansa Secretary, IEE Sri Lanka & Organiser of the Event, Prof Rohan Lucas Immediate Past Chairman, IEE Sri Lanka & Head/Electrical Engineering, Dr Mrs Dileeka Dias Head/Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering, Dr Ashok Peiris Head/Computer Science & Engineering, and Dr Pani Dharmawardena were present at the inauguration. Some pictures of the event

32.   IEE Sri Lanka Workshop for School Children -2003 - an Update
         Posted: 17/02/2003

The IEE Sri Lanka, in association with the departments of Electrical Engineering, Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering, and Computer Science & Engineering of the University of Moratuwa, will hold the 2nd Workshop for Schools on 20th February at the University of Moratuwa Premises. About 135 advanced level school children and about 15 teachers from the Southern Province will participate in this one-day workshop. The 1st Workshop was held in 2002 for schools in the Western Province. The programme includes presentations by Senior Staff of the ICE group, undergraduate project presentations and hand-on-sessions.

031.    Biographies of Scientific Personalities related to Electrical Engineering
         Updated: 14/02/2003

I have compiled a the Biographies of Scientific Personalities related to Electrical Engineering. This includes mainly persons who made contributions before the first half of the 20th Century.

The biography of D J Wimalasurendra one of the greatest sons of the soil, an engineer par excellence and a dedicated politician is also included. I also hope to include shortly a biography of Professor R H Paul the father of electrical engineering education in Sri Lanka.

030.    IEE Sri Lanka Programme for School Children at University of Moratuwa
         Updated: 01/02/2003

TheIEE Sri Lanka has organised a programme for about 100 advanced level students and their teachers from a number of schools in the island on Thursday 20th February 2003. They are assisted in this venture by the IEE Younger Members Section and the departments of electronic & telecommunication engineering, electrical engineering and computer science & engineering.

January 2003

29.   Prof Prinath Dias attends Conference in Bangkok
         Posted: 31/01/2003

Prof Prinath Dias will be attending a conference in Bangkok, Thailand from 3rd to 7th February 2003 - IAEA Seminar for Decision Makers of the Model Project on Radiation Protection.

28.   EESoc Lecture Series - Talk by Dr Tilak Siyambalapitya
         Posted: 31/01/2003

Dr Tilak Siyambalapitiya, Consultant delivered the EESoc Lecture for January 2003 on Project Planning and Financing today, 30th January 2003, at the Electrical Engineering Seminar Room at 1130 hrs. Over 100 students attended the Talk.

27.   Supplication for conferment of Degrees
         Posted: 31/01/2003

Vice Chancellor, University of Moratuwa has given notice of the General Convocation for the conferment of Degrees, to be held at the BMICH on23rd April and have requested those eligible to supplicate on the prescribed forms available. Closing date for supplication is 28th February 2002.

26.   BSc Engineering Degree Results
         Posted: 30/01/2003

The Board of Examiners for the B Sc Engineering degree final examination was held yesterday (29 January). Around 75 students from over 400 students who completed the examination received First Class passes. Among these are 14 students from Electrical Engineering, about 14 students from Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering and about 20 students from Computer Science & Engineering streams.

Further, in the Electrical Engineering stream, 10 students obtained Second Class (Upper Division) Passes and 16 students Second Class (Lower Division) Passes. The detailed results will be put on the official notice board of the Examinations Division at about 1400 hrs today (30th January). Once displayed, the overall results of the Electrical Engineering Stream will be made available at this site.

However, I am not in a position to display the results of the other fields as I do not have direct access to those results.

25.   Restructuring of the Power Sector - an Update
         Posted: 29/01/2003

The colloquium on Restructuring of the Power Sector, organised by IEE Sri Lanka, was successfully completed on 28th January 2003 at Hotel Galadari from 1630 hrs to 2015 hrs followed by a dinner. The following Resource persons Prof KKYW Perera (Secretary, Ministry of Power), Mr M Zubair (Chairman, CEB), Mr DC Wijeratne (General Manager, CEB), Mr Nihal Wickremasuriya (Manager, Reforms), Mr WALWA Perera (General Manager, LECO), Dr P N Fernando (former Manager, Energy division, ADB), and Dr Susantha Perera (President, Engineers Union, CEB) spoke on related topics prior to the discussion. The Colloquium was Moderated by Professor Priyantha Wijetunga, Professor in Electrical Engineering. The Minister of Power & Energy, Hon.Karu Jayasuriya also addressed the gathering. Pictorial view

024.   Categorisation of News Items
         Posted: 25/01/2003

One of my readers have suggested that having the news items in categories, rather than all together would be helpful to the readers. While I agree with him, I am not in a position to keep up to date different pages with the same frequency as being done at present. I believe that news, and for that matter any item on the web, if published should be up to date. With this in mind, I will try to implement links to news items category wise at the top of the page. I would like your comments

023.    We are With You! - A Programme for Deaf Children
         Posted: 24/01/2003   Updated 26/01/2003

EESoc will be conducting the We are with You! programme for children of the Deaf Schools (Ratmalana & Ragama) on Sunday 26th January 2003 from 1300 hrs onwards at the University of Moratuwa premises for the third year in succession. Around 250 children are expected to take part in the memorable events organised for this day.
Click Here for pictures of an i earlier event.

022.   Thanksgiving Mass
         Posted: 22/01/2003

A Thanksgiving Mass will be celebrated on Thursday 23rd January 2003, at 1830 hrs at the Electrical Engineering Seminar Room for guiding us through last year and to invoke blessings for this year. This has been organised by the Catholic Students Society of the University of Moratuwa.

021.   Head/Physical Education Division
         Posted: 21/01/2003

Mr Lakshman Wijesooriya has been appointed the acting Director of Physical Education and acting head of the Physical Education Division with effect from January 2003. Mr Wijesooriya is a physical science graduate from the University of Colombo. He takes over from Mr Chumley Hettiarachchi .

020.   How to get Research Grants
         Posted: 16/01/2003

The ERU is hoping to have a 2 hour workshop on the subject How to get Research Grants at the Faculty Board Room on Thursday 30 January from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm.

019.   Academic Publications in English
         Posted: 16/01/2003

Establishment of a system to encourage university academics to submit manuscripts for publication was launched as a collaborative effort between the Presidential Secretariat and the University Grants Commission. This project for Academic Publications is funded by the President's Fund.

The attached newsletter describes details of this initiative which would be very useful to all the academics in all the Universities.

018.   World Summit on the Information Society
         Posted: 16/01/2003

Professor Priyantha Wijetunga is presently in Tokyo as part of the Sri Lankan Government delegation to the Asian Regional Conference of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) which is being held in Tokyo (13th to 15th January 2003).
There are about 500 participants representing 47 governments and many other NGOs and Private Sector Institutions.

017.   Getting Your message through
         Posted: 16/01/2003

Seminar on "Getting Your message through" will be presented by Mr Nirajan de Silva, Past President - Colombo Toastmasters Club, and Director/CEO - Metropolitan Group of companies on 18th February 2002 at Hotel Galadari. This will be particularly of benefit for the Young Engineers. The Seminar is organised by the IEE Sri Lanka for its members.

016.   Colloquium on Restructuring the Power Sector
         Posted: 16/01/2003

The half day colloquium on Restructuring the Power Sector has been organised by IEE Sri Lanka on 28th January 2003 at Hotel Galadari from 1630 hrs to 2030 hrs followed by a dinner. The following Resource persons Prof KKYW Perera (Secretary, Ministry of Power), Mr M Zubair (Chairman, CEB), Mr DC Wijeratne (General Manager, CEB), Mr Nihal Wickremasuriya (Manager, Reforms), Mr WALWA Perera (General Manager, LECO), Dr P N Fernando, Mr Ranjith Fernando and Dr Susantha Perera have agreed to make short presentations on relevant topics prior to the discussion. The colloquium is open to the IEE members on a first reserved basis and special invitees. The event is partially sponsored by the Ceylon Electricity Board.

015.   Dr Karu P Esselle visits the University
         Posted: 14/01/2003

Dr Karu P Esselle, Asssociate Professor, Department of Electronics and Director of Postgraduate Research, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia visited the University today. He is an alumni of the University of Moratuwa.

014.   Vishaka defends her Licentiate Thesis
         Posted: 14/01/2003

Vishaka Nanayakkara successfully defended her Thesis for the Technical Licentiate at the Department of Computer Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden on Analysis of Congestion in Computer Networks on 18 December 2002. Vishaka is presently in Sri Lanka and is studying towards her PhD degree.

Note:The Degree of Technical Licenciate is a Swedish degree which ranks between the Master's degree and the Doctoral degree.

013.   Drama Workshop at Peradeniya
         Posted: 14/01/2003

Picture shows the Members of the English Literary Association (ELA), University of Moratuwa, just outside where they stayed at Hantane , University of Peradeniya. [Left to Right: Heminda, Akhila, Avantha, Ushani, Ginusha, Roshanthi and Hasitha].

A Workshop was conducted by the well known stage personality Feroze Kamardeen on Sunday 12th January 2003 at the Upper Hantane Guest House where the participants were from the Universities of Peradeniya and Moratuwa.

012.   Visit of Prof Tom Gedeon to the University
         Posted: 09/01/2003

Prof Tom Gedeon of the School of Information Technology, Murdoch University, Western Australia gave a talk on "Experiences in Software Engineering Projects in Australia" at the Electrical Engineering Seminar Room at 1130 hrs on 9th January (today). He is the supervisor of Ms Uditha Ratnayake.

He will also be giving a Public Talk on Hierarchical Fuzzy Systems at the ICT Auditorium at the University of Colombo at 1730 hrs today, and a Workshop on Feature Selection using Neural Networks at the Department of Mathematics & Computer Science of the Open University of Sri Lanka, Nawala on 14th January 2003.

011.   Visit of Hong Kong Rotoractors to the University
         Posted: 09/01/2003

Twenty-one Rotaractors from Hong Kong University, currently on a youth exchange programme in Sri Lanka visited the University on the morning of Wednesday 8th January 2003 and had discussions with our Rotaractors and visited some of our laboratories including the high voltage laboratory.

010.   Minimum "Z" Score for selection to the University
         Posted: 03/01/2003

The UGC has released on 23rd December 2002, the Minimum "Z" Score for selection to the various courses of study in respect of each district for those who sat the GCE Advanced Level in April 2002.
The relevant Z scores for our University, together with those for Medicine and Computer Science for purposes of comparison, have been extracted from that which appeared in the Daily News on 30th December.

009.   ERU Symposium 2002 - Call for Papers
         Posted: 02/01/2003

The Engineering Research Unit (ERU) Symposium on Research for Industry 2003 is scheduled to be held on Tuesday 19th August 2003.
In order to keep to this target, they have proposed the following deadlines Extended Abstracts -February 24th
Full Paper -May 5th
Refereeing completed by -June 30th
Final Submission of Extended Abstract and Papers for Publication - July 28th

008.    Release of Final Year Results
         Posted: 01/01/2003

One of my readers has requested me to put date of release of the final year results on the Web. To the best of my knowledge, it is likely to be released towards the end of January or early February 2003.

007.    Department ushers in the New Year
         Posted: 01/01/2003

The Department of Electrical Engineering started work for the New Year with Kiribath, Kavum and other traditional food at 1115 hrs today. The event was organised by the non academic staff of the department under the direction of Ms M.A. Nayani, Clerk of the department.

006.   Colloquium on "Restructuring of the Power Sector"
         Posted: 01/01/2003

A Colloquium on "Restructuring of the Power Sector" has been organised by the IEE Sri Lanka under the distinguished patronage of Hon.Minister of Power & Energy, Mr Karu Jayasuriya at the Hotel Galadari on Tuesday 28th January 2003 from 4.30pm. to 8.30pm.

005.    Recent publications & presentations - Prof. Priyantha Wijayatunga
         Posted: 01/01/2003

004.    University commences work in the New Year with Multi-religious Ceremony
         Posted: 01/01/2003

The University commenced work with a multi-religious ceremony at which addresses were made by priests from the Buddhist, Hindu, Christian and Islam religions. This was followed by talks from the Vice Chancellor and the Registrar and the award of long service medals to those who had served the University for long periods (25 years, 30 years and 35 years). Thereafter the Vice Chancellor hosted everyone for Kiribath, Kavum and other traditional food.

003.   Promoted Professor in Building Economics
         Posted: 01/01/2003

Ms D E R C Weddikkara was promoted a Professor on merit by the University Council at its meeting in December 2002. Professor Chitra Weddikkara is in the Department of Building Economics.

002.   Appointed Chairman CEB
         Posted: 01/01/2003

Eng M Zubair has been recently appointed as the Chairman of the Ceylon Electricity Board. He was acting in that capacity for some time prior to his recent appointment. Eng Zubair is a past Chairman of the IEE Sri Lanka.

001.   Season's Greetings
         Posted: 01/01/2003

Fireworks in the Sunset Let me wish all my readers,

A Very Happy, Prosperous & Fruitful New Year 2003.

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Public Holidays for Sri Lanka for 2003

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