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Launched on 16th December 1999
Welcome to the Guest Book of the Department of Electrical Engineering. We Welcome any Brickbats or Bouquets. If you have not signed our guest book before or want to send in a new message please sign the guest book (Non-Java Users.)
Signed: Rohan Lucas

13 September 2006

92   Hi
I wish to Inform all students who have passed out, that we at George Steuarts Recruitment are happy for the efforts taken by you to make this website very effective. Also I invite you (who are looking for employment) to talk to us to make your career dreams a reality.
P.S. One thing that you need to develop is that when you get the visitor count - you need to make sure that every time the visitor refreshers his computer the count is not being added on as a new user. Editor's Note: Thanks. Shall look into it
Name:     Shone Kelly
Country:  SL
Home URL:
Date:     2006/10/03

91   Dear sir,
I have been following the EE website from the day I came to the EE department. Even now I visit the EE website daily to see whats happening in the uni. It has always been a good place to think back the time I spend in the uni.I wish you all the best for your work.
Name:     Pahan Abeyrathna
Country:  Australia
Home URL: http://
Date:     September 2006

90   Dear Sir,
Upto date I have not felt any negative feelings about your news column. Every day morning, it has been a routine of my life to read your news column and get to know what's going on at our University.
I strongly believe you should not to restrain yourself from publishing whatever news items you feel right, disregarding comments made by couple of readers who d o not have guts to reveal their names.
News page has been always dynamic and alive due to your efforts and enthusiasm and I know it is not an easy job to maintain and update the site continuously for such a long period.
Please keep it up. Best of luck for your future endeavors.
Thank you,
Name:     indrajanaka Makalanada
Country:  Sri Lanka
Date:     21 September 2006

89   Dear Prof. Lucas & Fellow readers,
Just wanted to let you know that I have been up-to-date on things happening around the dept for the last 4-5 years because of the continuos efforts on the news page along with Prof. Lucas's humor.
I know that readers are allowed to send both bouquets and brickbats but being a past EE Student and being away from Sri Lanka and Moratuwa, I would like to remind the readers who are so concerned about nature of news items that this page has a disclaimer "News, Views and Announcements [This is not an official release]".
This web page is what makes EE Dept unique and we all should be proud of having our unique Professor Lucas to spare his time, reminding us of our good old days @ EE Dept with his own way of picking the news items.
Prof. Wish you a good time in cold Manitoba.If you would like to visit sunny Florida, just drop an email.
Name:     Sudharma Wijegunawardana
Country:  USA
Home URL: http://
Date:     2006/09/17

88   Prof. Lucas,
I would like to give my best of thanks for your attempt to maintain the web site alive. However, I am having problems about some of the news items. (e.g.: 092, 060, and 049). I strongly believe that they are not suitable not only for this website but also for your professionalism. Don't be an editor of a tabloid.
Best wishes for your good work..
Name:     Past Student
Country:  Sri Lanka
Home URL: http://
Date:     2006-09-14
Editors Note:(2006-09-17)
Although I was hurt by the tone of message 86 of an unnamed past EE student, I did not strive to explain why it had been put. However, the new message 88, also anonymous, prompted me to pen down a few words.
  1. News Item 060, was put as an information item for any one who may have been interested in renting the premises of a staff member who was going on overseas leave [I have seen such items in Newsletters in overseas universities, put for the benifit of readers and the staff member]. However, as soon as I heard from some one that it should not have been put as a news item as it may have commercial implications, it was immediately withdrawn, within 2 days of it being placed.
  2. I do not need to attract readers to the EE site by putting tabloid type news items. However, I believe that light-hearted fun such as in News Item 049, or laughing at oneself such as in News Item 020 are necessary to remove the drugery of life and for readers to enjoy, rather than to be sensational. Increasing the readership has no direct benifit for me other than getting the satisfaction of having a useful and well read page.
  3. I also believe that I need not avoid news items relating to myself such as News Item 092, if similar things are being included about others. In this item, in addition to the DICB meeting which is an important event, the original word farewell was replaced by the group of words wishing well as it seemed inappropriate as I was coming back after about 1 year. However, I consciously omitted the usual email link to wish me as I thought that it was not appropriate.
  4. If any of my regular readers feel that the news items are inappropriate, I would be grateful for their comments for me to take any corrective action deemed necessary.

87   Dear Readers
The EE Guest book had not been updated for some time as 99% of the entries were spam. Today I have added a security feature which I hope will reduce the amount of spam written to document from which I extract information for the guest book.
Please leave new messages for me to update the Guest book.
Name:     J R Lucas
Country:  Sri Lanka
Home URL:
Date:     13 September 2006

86  Dear Prof. Lucas,
Over the years I admired the way you updated EE website. But recently I found out that you posted a advertisement on EE website to sell your house (or may be a house you are brokered to sell). As I already said I admire the effort you made towards creating and updating the EE website. But that doesn't give you the right to abuse the EE website.
Plese check the address bar of the EE is site. It's still not
I would be grateful if you would not repeat such thing again
Country:  SL
Home URL: http://
Date:     2006

I thoroughly enjoyed your news item 2006-020, it was good humour. Thanks for putting it together for the benefit of the overwhelmed.
Name:     Senevi
Home URL: http://
Date:     08/03/2006

84  Hello from Turkey;
I am a university student at Girne American University in North of Cyprus. I downloaded prof.JR Lucas's Power and High Voltages notes. All of them are very usefull to me. Thank you very much. I hope everyone will use.^M
Finally, I want to one thing from you.I have groduation project 2 lecture.I want to research "how can we design electric machinary laboratory".However, I could not found anything in the int. Our university does not have this kind of laboratory.Because of that, I want to design it. Please,Help me ...!!!! I hope see you soon. I will wait your e-mail.
Umit Bilge
Thank You Very Much :))
Name:     Umit Bilge
Country:  Turkey
Home URL: http://
Date:     October 2005

I am lecturer in St Peters Engineering college,so i have download Highvoltage materials it will be very usefull for me for me to teach.
Name:     sendilkumar.s
Country:  india
URL: http://
Date:     18/09/05

82   Dear Sir,
I'm an A/L Maths student wishing to enter your University to study electrical engineering. When I visited the site of Moratuwa I was amazed by its poor quality. I was even amazed when I saw the electrical engineering homepage which was not attractive at least a bit. It looks too old fashioned and isn't vibrant and has no real attractivity or creativity.A top class dept. of a university like Moratuwa need to have a good homepage.
I think you can learn thing from your university's fellow sites like Mechanical, Electronics, Civil and Computer Science.
I also think the University home page is very meager. This is shameful because Moratuwa is the leading university for technology yet universties like Colombo, Peradeniya, J'Pura & Ruhuna have better sites.
Name:     Lahiru Rajapakse
Country:  Sri Lanka,
Home URL: http://
Date:     14/09/2005

81   Dear Prof. Lucas,
I am a level two student. I am very happy with the the. I think its necessary to add the Laboratory sheets in to the EE web site.
Name:     Sandun Weerasinghe
Country:  Sri Lanka
Home URL:
Date:     August 2005

80   dear professor lucas
its a wonderful effort and very useful for students like us.
Name:     Uttam Adhikari
Country:  Nepal
Home URL: http://
Date:     2005

79    Hello,
I was surfing the internet and come across with the Program for calculating the " Current Rating of cables upto 33kV" as per IEC 287 written in Visual Basic.
Is it any possibility that I can have that program for cross reference.
I shall be thankful to you.
Ranjeet Jassal
Electrical Engineer.
Name:     Ranjeet Jassal
Country:  New Zealand
Home URL:
Date:     2005

78    Dear Pr Lucas
Interesting informations collected in this website and helpful book "high voltage" for corona loss problems.
Ivan Revel
Name:     Ivan Revel
Country:  FRANCE
Email:    ivan.revel @
Home URL: or
Date:     2005

77   Dear Prof. Lucas,
I came back to visit the web site after some time, once i get there i keep going through most of the news. This is a great place to recall all my memories and also to learn more informative things as well as to hear all the gossips about people who were around me when i was studying there.You are doing a great job by keeping the site uptodate and make people reading of the things hapenning in UOM by presenting in really attractive manner. keep up the good works!!I am using MAC OS X and browser is Firefox for me there isn't any significant viewing problem. Thanks for everything that you are doing for keep this up and running. Cheers
Name:     Nandana Jayantha
Country:  UK
Date:     2005/05/20

76   Hello Prof. Lucas,
Excellent web page and also has excellent technical articles on the work being done by the staff and students. I am very proud of all your hard work in keeping these web pages updated, and on the great work being done at the University. By the way, I was also a former student at Moratuwa graduated in 1984. Now I am with Ford Motor Co.
Name:     Sheran Alles
Country:  Michigan, USA
Date:     2005.04.27

75   Dear Prof. Lucas,
I came back to visit the elect web site after some time. Nice to find it uptodate and made nice reading of the things hapenning in UOM. All the same I have a comment to make. I'm one of the millions that use FireFox and Netscape for browsing internet (gave up IExplorer long time ago to avoid security and spyware problems, also Firefox is much more user friendly). I cannot see main menu (java scricpts are enabled in the browser and works with all other things java) and in the masters photo I can't see the names by pointing the mouse.
I could be missing something, but that was my experience.
Name:     Dilan Amarasinghe
Country:  Canada
Home URL:
Date:     December 2004
Editors Note: Both problems have now been corrected.

74   Dear Prof. Lucas,
New orientation of the site looks good & simple. Appreciate your efforts. Please continue the good work.
Name:     I.Makalanda
Country:  Sri Lanka
Home URL:
Date:     2004

73   Dear Sir,
It is nice to see that you are continuously improving the site. I also think a top menu bar is better than the earlier style (which took quite some space from our viewing area). I agree that the information (fixed) on top of the page are essential. But they also take-up a large portion of our viewing area. So try to reduce some lines from there (perhaps the 'Non JavaScript menu' can be shifted).
Your concern about access speed is also very valid. Specially considering the fact that the site is hosted in which is always slow for outside access.
Best regards,
Name:     Amila
Country:  Sri Lanka
Date:     2004.09.10

72   Hello !
You have an interesting Site
Many Greetings from Germany !
Carsten Roege
GO-IQ.DE Infobroker, Wirtschaftsauskunftei & Recherchen
Name:     Carsten Roege
Country:  Germany
Home URL:
Date:     19 August 2004

71   Dear Prof. Lucas,
Firstly, I would really want to thank you for your efforts in opening and maintaining a website, which is extremely informative. For the first time, I actually felt oblige to thank you. I see that quite a number of people all the way from Canada, Australia, reading and complimenting your website. Truly, a part of the world shares my feelings.
Thank you.. for your efforts to put up notes on the internet.. I am a student from Malaysia and I referred to some of you files and I found them to be useful.. Just want to express my gratitude to you.. thanks again.
Name:     Nezs Yap
Country:  Malaysia (UTM Johor)
Home URL: http://
Date:     10 August 2004

70   I found your website on google and love it!
Name:     Frank
Country:  Germany
Home URL:
Date:     27.07.04

69   Dear Sir,
This is Nilanga writing after a long time. I could not read your page for sometime and spent a long time reading the events for the past few months. And it was thrilling to see my name also in the list of our department graduates.
I would like to thank you once again for the great job you are doing.
Name:     Nilanga
Country:  UK
Date:     20/07/2004

68   Excellent glossary but may I please suggest one small improvement to Antenna:
Instead of antenna "A device consisting of spaced elements that are used to receive broadcast signals".
replace it with "Antenna: A system of conductors that radiates and or receives electromagnetic waves (radio waves)".
This will cover the transmission as well as the reception function.
Alec Slamin
Slamin Communications
Name:     Alec Slamin
Country:  Australia
Date:     26 May 2004

67   Sir
I am trying to get some idea from this web site to modify our web site. (Transportation Engineering web site in Civil Engineering Department, University of Moratuwa). Because your work on this web site, it is great and very interesting. Wish you all the best!
Name:      Chaminda Perera
Country:   Sri lanka
Date:      18-05-2004

66   Dear sir,
I am happy to see that this is the only web site that has been updated regularly. I would like to know more about engineering research done in SL from your website. It would be great if u could make a database for undergraduate info in UOM, so i can be in touch with my high school friends. Keep up the good work!
Name:     Arachchige Ishara
Country:  USA,(City University of NY)
Date:     May 2004

Dear Sir,
As a Engineering student of the University of Peradeniya I get lot of latest information in this site. Keep the good work.

Name:     Kishanthan.Y
Country:  Sri Lanka
Date:     2004/04/30

Dear Prof Lucas,
This is a great job you are doing. I am visiting this news page at least twice a week. This is a good opportunity for us to be up to date with what is happening in the university. Keep up the good work sir.

Name:     Nalin Jayalath
Country:  Sri Lanka
Home URL:
Date:     10 December 2003

Revered Rohan Lucas,
I am from India and am a Part time EEE student of Anna University. I thank you f or your book High voltage Engineering by which I could able to understand a lot in HV Engineering.
Yours Truly,

Name:     M.Balmurugan
Country:  India
Date:     15 November 2003

Dear Prof. Lucas,
As a student of the University of Moratuwa, Department of Electrical Engineering, it gives me great pleasure having a look at your news pages. It is really n ice of you to update it regularly and keep the fresh news in front of us. It is always nice to read and know what happening inside the university from your eye.
Keep up the good work, sir.

Name:     Sandaruwan Thotagamuwage
Country:  Sri Lanka
Home URL:
Date:     04.11.2003

Is there a link for the current undergrads pictures /info. It might be helpful to get in touch with high school friends

Name:     sumudu
Country:  USA
Date:     21 October 03

Editors Note: Not at present. I will see what can be done

Dear Sir,
It's one of your really great efforts in keeping an up-to-date news page. Thanks for your latest news. I hope it will keep continuing forever!

Name:     Sumith
Country:  sri lanka
Home URL:
Date:     12th September, 2003

Dearest Sir,
I visit your page at least twice a week with great anticipation. Whenever it says 'Newspage has been updated since your last visit' my heart feels with joy. But when that fails to appear, I feel quite down, but still take a little time to browse through some items.
You are doing a tremendous service, especially to those who are far away from our beloved Country/ University/ Department. And shame on me for acknowledging it only now on your Guest Book. Well... better late than never!!!
Wishing you all the best to keep up the good work

Name:     Nilanga
Country:  UK
Date:     20th May 2003

Hi Lucas,
Sir, your papers given in the web are very useful in understanding about three phase system. Explanation and connecting formulas are very useful in understanding. Thanks for very useful information.

Name:     N.K.Prabhakar
Country:  INDIA
Date:     14 May 2003

Dear Prof. Lucas,
Having passed out from the University of Moratuwa, Department of Electrical Engineering it gives me great pleasure having a look at your news pages. It is really nice of you to update it regularly. Even though I am not attached to University of Moratuwa, I still can update my know-how on what is happening there. It is always nice to roam around a familiar site living far away from Sri Lanka. Keep up the good work.

Name:     Bernard Perera
Country:  New Zealand
Date:     09.05.2003

I feel bad that I didn't notice this guest page even though I visit to see the frequently updated news items. This is great work. can we use this site to have o n-line polls on important Engineering issues pertaining to Sri Lanka?

Name:     Thrishantha Nanayakkara
Country:  Currently in Johns Hopkins,USA (returning to Sri Lanka in May 2003)
Home URL:
Date:     25/04/2003

Dear Sir,
I don't think publishing news items under different categories would be a good idea. Most of the readers who are quite close to the department and the university are however , in general, interested in most of the events that are published on the webpage with varying importance. On the other hand as a good part of the readers are from out of the country it would not be a good idea to make them visit few different pages as the links are not the fastest. Nevertheless, I also would like to take to your notice that the web page is loading without any problems nowadays. In the past I had frequent problems in accessing the page.
Many Thanks again for your continuous interest in keeping this running.
Best Regards

Name:     Nishad Udugampola
Country:  UK
Date:     2003/01/31


Name:     KDA student
Country:  Sri Lanka
Date:     2003-01-16

As a current electrical engineering student, i visit your pages regularly. i don't usually browse the other department pages not because they are not relevant for me, but because they don't provide anything or what they provide is often a subset of yours. i am surprised with the frequent modifications u do to this site. how ever if you dont mind i have a small suggestion for you. why don't you categorize news to sections like academic, industry, etc.
best regards

Name:     manusha
Country:  sri lanka
Date:     Jan-2002

I am very happy to visit your web page, When I read it I really felt that still I am working in your department. I can imagine how you are updating department webpage daily.

Name:     Sandamalee Madawala
Country:  Sri Lanka
Date:     2002.11.15

Ref: Sandum Becomes a Millionaire.
It is appreciated if you could mention that Sandun's traineeship abroad was realised through the AIESEC network and for it to be such a enriching experience was all due to the Service and Learning Opportunities that AIESEC is providing for trainees, globally.
Currently we have a problem in convincing good students of our university system to take up this challenge. This has resulted our exchange numbers going down.
I thank you,
Rukshan Jayaratna
Management Committee
AIESEC in Sri Lanka

Name:     Rukshan
Country:  Sri Lanka
Home URL:
Date:      November 2002

Very informative and user friendly !!

Name:     Russel De Zilwa
Country:  Sri Lanka
Home URL:
Date:     November 2002

It's been a great source of information about the department and the university in general. I recall that even when in Sri Lanka, the department web site was the number one to get to know the things that are happening around. From my experience in Canada I would propose a page for student news and matters regarding to the courses. This could be updated by the lecturer in charge will provide students with up todate notes, study materials, tutorials, links, etc,. I hope the computing facilities are now sufficient to adopt such a practice.

Name:     Dilan Amarasinghe
Country:  Canada
Date:     31 Oct. 2002

Good work with the Globalization

Name:     Manjula
Country:  Sri Lanka
Date:     3/10/2002

This is great.

Name:     eranga
Country:  sri lanka
Date:     06/09/2002

I saw today that the final year project reports have been posted on the web. What's more striking is to see all the reports are formatted into a journal paper format, so one can easily grasp the essential details quickly. This is an extremely important step and a big round of applause to everybody involved in it. I see no reason why the better reports among them cannot be submitted to journals.
Though it may be seen as a yet another effort, the lasting effects can be rewarding as it would push undergrads to go beyond, to pursue higher level degrees.
Best wishes for everybody in the graduating class and for everybody who wants to further their education.

Name:     Sisira K Gamage
Country:  USA
Date:     18/07/2002

Hello Rohan,
I was going through the web pages of all the Departments in the Faculty of Engineering, University of Moratuwa. I was surprised to see that most of the web pages are not updated frequently enough. Some were not updated for the last five years, I guess. I congratulate you for updating the EE Dept web pages very regularly and for providing reliable information to your customers all over the world.
Ranjit Perera
Presently in Comnets, Uni-Bremen.

Name:     Ranjit Perera
Country:  Sri Lanka
Date:     29/04/2002

Cornwall Power Equipment Company is working with our agents in Sri Lanka - Trans Continental Enterprises Ltd to provide power to the BIO Free Trade Zones and to support the energy shortfall that is currently affecting your Republic.

Name:     Ralph A. Sheldrick
Country:  Canada
Home URL:
Date:     4/3/2002

I graduated from University of Moratuwa in 1985. I went to USA for post graduate studies.
I recently visited this web page. I am very impressed with your web page. It is great. I felt like, I am 17 again and entered Moratuwa again. Once again, Good job.

Name: Damitha
Date:  February 28, 2002 

This web page is a good effort. As a student of this Faculty I'm very proud.
Good luck.
Whereas when comparing with the web page developed by the university of peradeniya you are in some basic level. You better to visit that web page.

Name:     Shiron Dharshana
Country:  Sri Lanka
Date:      25/02 /2001
Editor's Note: Thank you very much for your thoughts. On your request I visited the said Web page but could not figure out what I could get out of it. I would be grateful to know what specific details should be improved such that it remains very current. Appearance is not what is important but the content of a Web page.
Congratulations to EESoc for starting the EE Library!
I am very glad to hear the good news and wish all the very best for EESoc and the library project.

Name:     Aruna Ranaweera
Country:  Sri Lanka/USA
Date:     Feb/19/2002

I would like to congratulate you on your brilliant pages on the University of Moratuwa's web site. I am doing a dissertation on interconnectors and am looking for information about AC and DC transmission lines and cables. I found more information in a five minutes in your "High Voltage Engineering - Part III" section than I have in five days sifting through the rest of the web. Are there parts I & II and are they they also available on the web?
Thank you very much.

Name:     Doug
Country:  United Kingdom
Date:     07/02/2002

The site's great. But I need to make one small suggestion if you don't mind. Why don't you publish some notes, problems etc.. regarding the part I (seniors) as well.
Thank You.

Name:     U.Ranasinghe
Country:  Sri Lanka
Date:      27/09 /2001

Being a passed out student from the University of Moratuwa, Department of Electrical Engineering, I get to know what's happening in the university through the News & Views page of the Dept. I really appreciate your effort to keep the latest news in the University.

Name:    M.N.M. Shirazi 
Date:    25/07/2001

I visit the news page regularly to know the latest. It is a really good job.
Best Regards,

Name:     Nandana Rajatheva
Country:  Finland
Home URL:
Date:     20/05/2001

Thanks for taking the time inspite of your very busy schedules to update the news page. Ironically your news page is more uptodate than the University news page !!!

Name:     S.M
Country:  Sri Lanka
Date:     05/04/2001

I am very happy to visit your web page ,I wish all the best to the web development team.

Country:  Sri Lanka
Date:     16/02/2001

Dear Sir,
Great effort you've taken to keep up the EE of UOM site upto date. Just a small suggestion, it's be a great help for EE students who visit your site, if you can have a page of EE related links, it's quite a pain when we try to use general search engines to search for information in Electrical engineering. Keep up the good work.

Name:     Rukshan Jayaratna
Country:  Sri Lanka
Date:     11/Dec/2000

I am a Computer Science graduate from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. I was recently directed to your web site by a friend and thought I might write a few comments about your site.
1. The first impression that I got from the site was, that it wasn't really designed for an outsider. This is the first time I visited your site and I would have liked to see a general introduction page rather than the detailed news page that you have (I have no idea what the news items are nor am I interested in the details of what happened). What I am interested and other visitors would be interested in would be your departmental research, course information, academic members etc.
2. One notable observation is that who ever designed the site has no artistic talent, nor does he/she have any idea of matching colours. The red text all over the place is very distracting (You can change the size of the text and still ensure that certain phrases stand out!) I would recommend that you get advice from a graphics designer (Check out
3. Please remove the pop up window (Search WWW). Why on earth would you want to force people to search the web with a pop up window? Just because I move my mouse over a link doesn't mean that I want to click it!
4. Do you really have to the sandy background? It is not easy to read text on it.

Name:     Pramudi Suraweera
Country:  New Zealand
Home URL:
Date:     30/11/2000

I am a past student of dept. of E.E. and very pleased to see the updated Web new s about EE dept. The efforts must be well appreciated.

Name:     Ravindra Premathilaka
Country:  Canada
Date:     24/08/2000

I am a regular visitor of your News Page every day. Although I study in the same university, there are many news items related to the University that I first go t to know from your news page. So, I think that, your web page is very useful, not only to people outside the university but also the people inside the university too.
Congratulations on maintaining an excellent news page.

Name:     E. Devendra
Country:  Sri Lanka
Date:     23/08/2000

The web page is great! Anyone can tell that great people from the great University made it. Don't get tired updating this page.

Name:     Lavinya Ting
Country:  Philippines
Date:     11 Aug 2000

I am a regular customer of your site. Whenever I browse the Electrical Department home page, I grateful to you for maintaining such an excellent page. I know lot of people who do the same. But today I felt I should materialize that thought. This note is a result of it. Thanks for maintaining news which is not directly academic with direct academic news. I wish you will be able to continue this excellent work. Keep it up. Cheers.

Name:     Lalith "Sirisoma" Wickramaratne
Country:  Sussex, UK.
Date:     03/08/2000

The guest book has been recovered to work properly. Hope this will make it available for many many others to give their views. [Editors comment: Signing the Guest Book was not working for the last month or so due to the transition to the new Server. However it was detected only two days ago. Mr. Rasika Amarasiri graciously helped us to debug the problem]

Name:     Rasika Amarasiri
Country:  Sri Lanka
Home URL:
Date:     19/07 /2000

It [Editor's Note: News Item - Vol 3 No 11 July 2000 issue of Pariganaka] is a real tribute to your time and effort on updating the web page (though it has been written by one other beloved student of yours). [Editor's note: Mr Sandagomi is a graduate from this department]
May you have all the blessings to keep up your good work as we all (frequent visitors) really love it and feel we are at home.

Name:     Sudharma Wijegunawardana
Country:  Tampa, Florida, USA.
Date:     19/07/2000

I think that following news item from the July issue of Pariganaka (which is a premier computing magazine among Sinhala readers) on your web page as one of the very regularly updated sites in Sri Lanka is a real tribute to your hard work.
Don't let your other work keep you away from the web page.

Name:     Vishaka Nanayakkara 
Country:  Moratuwa, Sri Lanka
Date:     17/07/2000

The Front page could be improved. If all the contents come in one page that's good. If we are browsing from outside it will take longtime to load the page (because our AT&T connection bandwith is not enough). [Editor's note: The Web page was improved based on comments made. However, as the majority of viewers specifically view the EE News page it was thought desirable to have it appearing in one frame from the start].

Name:     Partheepan,G.
Country:  Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
Home URL:
Date:     09/05/2000

Congratulations for the impressive web site of the Dept. of Electrical Engineering of the University of Moratuwa!!

Name:     L.C.D. Gunawardhana
Country:  Kuwait
Date:     15/04/2000

Let me wish you a very happy new year !
I am a regular customer of your news update.
Well done; A great job

Name:     Waruna Kulatilaka, Final Part III, Mech Eng
Country:  Moratuwa, Sri Lanka
Date:     13/04/2000

Good work... keep it up... Please update the other pages too.
Specially the staff list with their full qualifications... [Editor's Note: All pages have been updated. However, individual pages of academic staff were put in only as a skeleton. Updating has to be done by the individual staff member]

Name:     Jeeva
Country:  USA
Date:     24/03/2000

Very nice page about University of Moratuwa.
I could get much information I did NOT know before.
Keep it upgrading !!!

Name:     Ahamed L Mufees
Country:  Sri Lanka
Home URL:
Date:     30/03/2000

It's my first visit to your site Well.......seems interesting but please keep up with the latest developments in the industry for us to get futuristic knowledge . [Unfortunately this is beyond the scope of this home page]

Name:     Dhammika Fernando
Country:  Sri Lanka
Date:     23/01/2000

I am a BSc(Electrical) undergraduate in UOM.
Please, let us know the details of MSc courses available for us. Thank You.
[Editors Note: Details are available on the Web under Academic Prgms ]

Name:     Amal
Country:  Sri Lanka
Date:     11/01/2000

Well done! I am extremely happy that we are now able to keep communication /information up to date and environmentally friendly (paperless) while using the latest technology available. I am sure that the only negative news item (No.16 of December 1998), the possibility of a bleak future for the newspage, will not eventuate. On the other hand you can take a horse to water but cannot make it drink. So, please, everyone with an interest in Electrical Engineering, The University of Moratuwa or Sri Lanka's development in general, I urge you to take the lead given by Prof. Lucas and provide feed-back (for whatever it is worth).
I will get the ball rolling.
Indexing:     Having visited the site for the first time, I looked at the news of the past Year and of 1999 (Jan - Oct). I would like to suggest that, if possible, the date on which the news item was released be included in the item and the items be provided in chronological order (which it may well already be, except that it is not clear). Provision of monthly cut offs within the document (or having separate links to the news of each month) may also help in getting to the period of interest quickly.
Once items of lasting/continuing interest are identified by users (through their feed-back), the ability to search for and sort them for reference could be examined. So could I suggest that feed-back be sent on items that may fit this bill?
I thank you for your effort, congratulate you on the result and I wish that this site will go from strength to strength.
[Editor's Note: The comments made by the feedback is well appreciated. Many major modifications have been made based on the comments]

Name:     Lal Goonewardene
Country:  Australia
Date:     04/01/2000

Congratulations on maintaining an excellent news page!
Please keep up the good work!!!
Its quite evident that everybody appreciates your effort & the valuable time spent on this regard. Once again,.. I hope you will continue this in the coming years. Also I feel that the University should take this as a example to launch its own 'official' news page at
Season's Greetings and best wishes for the coming millennium.

Name:     Waruna Chandrasena
Country:  Canada
Date:     31/12/1999

Its indeed a great work I should say, for the engineering community both in and out of Sri Lanka; especially for the University of Moratuwa products. I do sincerely hope that the new millenium would see the horizons expanded in this news site.

Name:     Sisira K Gamage
Country:  USA
Home URL:
Date:     December 31, 1999

This is a very useful web page, even for us in the Dept. Please keep up the good work.

Name:     Aruna Ranaweera
Country:  Sri Lanka
Date:     31/12/1999

Now the EE-web page is really good.
Thanks for doing lot of things on behalf of us.
At the dawn of the new century
May the blessings of God be always with you
There's a Sun that's shining just for you
To brighten everyday and light up your way
into the new millenium

Name:     Lanka Udawatta
Country:  Japan
Date:     30/12/1999

I have been surfing through the electrical website for the past few weeks. It is happy to say that the site is maintained really well. I would like to thank Prof. Lucas for his great effort. I also like wish all staff and students an uninterrupted year!!!

Name:     Waruna Ratnayake
Country:  Sri Lanka
Home URL: http:/www/
Date:     29/12/1999

My congratulations on maintaining an excellent web site. The News page is great - not only for the current news, but also as a chronological history of the University in recent times! Keep it up.

Name:     Dileeka Dias
Country:  Sri Lanka
Date:     29/12/1999

Please do keep updating the site ... this has been our, or rather my only link to our university for the past 9 months.

Name:     Rukshan Jayaratna, (BSc Eng, Part 1, Junior)
Country:  Sri Lanka
Date:     25/12/1999

I'm one of the passed student of electrical department. I like our department web page to get know about the changes going on.
I wish all the best to Dr.Priyantha Wijethunga for his new life.

Name:     Damitha De silva
Country:  Sri Lanka
Date:     24/12/1999

Our department's news page has been very helpful to me to be in touch with the matters related to the department and the university. Thanks for your valuable time spent on behalf of us who are away at the moment. Hope you could continue to maintain the right balance between the formal and informal news. Let me wish everyone in the department a very merry Christmas and a happy new year !

Name:     Sumedha Rajakaruna
Country:  Canada
Home URL:
Date:     22/12/1999

I read your News Page many times every day. Although I work in the same university, there are many news items related to the University that I first got to know from your web page. So, I think that, your web page is very useful, not only to people outside the university but to the staff/students of the University too. I highly appreciate you for spending your valuable time on this important task.
Please continue the good work.
I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and all the visitors to this web site a Very Happy Christmas and a Very Happy & Prosperous New Year!!!

Name:     Jahan Peiris
Country:  Sri Lanka
Date:     20/12/1999

I am a regular visitor to the Electrical Engineering web site, and it helps me to keep up to date with news on University of Moratuwa affairs. Please keep up the good work you are doing now.
May I take this opportunity to wish you a happy christmas and a happy new year.

name:    Raghu Chandrakeerthy.
country: Manitoba, Canada
email:   chandrak@cc.UManitoba.CA
date:    17/12/99

Though you are ready to accept both Bouquets and Brickbats, I'm sure that you'll never receive the second as this Announcements and News page is popular among not only Electrical Graduates but also most web surfers who love the UOM as a whole. Hope you'll keep it up providing us more hot news !!!

name:    Sudharma Wijegunawardana
country: Florida-USA
date:    16/12/1999

We apologise for failing to send messages to you through the link you had prepared. It doesn't mean that we are not interested in the news page or we are disregarding your massive effort taken and the continuous commitment in this regard. We knew that you knew we are interested. We are lucky to have a prof like you.

Name:     Nishad Udugampola
Country:  Moratuwa, Sri Lanka
Date:     16/12/1999

I am a regular visitor of News and Announcement page of the Electrical website. I have found it not only informative but also interesting. The way you write is so simple to understand and that is the best source which we can obtain uptodate news on university. I have seen lot of students surfing through this page though they have not sent you any comments. Therefore please, please, please do not discontinue this important site. We truly appreciate your service to the university.

Name :    Waruna Ratnayake
Country : Kandy, Sri Lanka 
Email :
Date :    16/12/1999

It is nice work. It helps a lot to find out what is happening in the University, specially when my HoD is very busy to write :-) Keep up the good work!

Name :    Vishaka Nanayakkara
Country : Goteborg, Sweden                         
Email :
Date :    16/12/1999

Congratulations for getting a guest book up and running!! Hope this site will be the most popular site in the whole Universe, oops! I mean, the University.
Keep up the good work.

Name :    Nalin Wickramarachchi
Country : Sri Lanka
Email :
Date :    07/12/1999

Welcome to the Guest Book of the Department of Electrical Engineering of the University of Moratuwa. I hope you found the material in the homepage useful and easy to see.
We Welcome any Brickbats or Bouquets. Please submit a message and sign the guest book.

Name :    Rohan Lucas
Country : Sri Lanka
Email :
Date :    07/12/1999