Hospital cleaning Program - Meegahatenna Hospital, Matugama

For a number of years (it is almost a tradition now), the most junior batch of the Engineering Faculty got an opportunity to know their immediate seniors through a social service activity. Most of the batches selected one of the hospitals in a rural area, where inadequate facilities existed. Various efforts were made to add a value to service offered by that hospital to their patients.

In this year, with the collaboration of 2000/2001 batch the 99/2000 batch was able to succeed in this event and the hospital selected was Mathugama Meegahathanna Government hospital.

After visiting the hospital for the first time and after the discussions with the management of the hospital it was decided to undertake the following activities on Saturday 29th September 2001.

All of these tasks were made possible through a strong committee selected from 99/2000 batch and the financial support extended.

Financial Support

  1. University of Moratuwa, VCís Fund donated Rs 25000/=,
  2. Electrical Engineering Society (EESoc) contributed Rs. 7000/=.
  3. 2000/2001 batch contributed approximately Rs. 7000/=. (Rs 20/= from each student of the batch)
With the studentís effort also put in, the total contribution to the hospital can be valued at over 50,000/=).

Material Support

The paint required for the project was given at a very low cost by

Support for Meals and refreshment

Other Support Participants

The total participation was approximately 150 students from both the junior and senior batches.

Advisors and Academic Staff Assistance

Students seen painting the front of the Meegahatenna General Hospital

A picture taken inside of the Hospital before the shramadhana

Getting ready for the tasks ahead

Having the breakfast of Kiribath and banana. Painting a wall inside one of the wards

Over 30 beds like this was painted within one day. One is engaged with repairing work

Repairing some of broken wheelchairs and trolleys

OPD- After painting

Ward # 3 After Cleaning

Enjoying the work towards nightfall

Handing over two trolleys to the Hospital authorities.

(One was made by the Mechanical Engineering Students and donated in memory of the late mechanical engineering student of 99/2000 batch Daham Anurada)